Importance Of Comfort and Great Work Culture In An Organisation

Importance Of Comfort and Great Work Culture In An Organisation

How many hours employees spend at work everyday? Is it Eight? Nine? Ten? Or even more than that? So, there are high chances that one might spend more than half of his/her waking hours in the office, so good comfort and great work culture is necessary for each and every employee in order to keep the work environment perfect. So, here we are listing some options so that one can make a office great for its workforce.

Comfort often helps people to be happier, and when people are happy then they tend to work hard, which has a positive impact on the workplace productivity, by creating a comfortable work environment many tough tasks will be a lot easier to push through.

Poor communications always lead to confusions and misunderstandings. Communications always has to be precise and proper, and one should be very proper in terms of the communication. If one is not happy with someone, then rather than keeping quite raising voice will help to prevent conflicts among employees.

A company must encourage its employees to share works between themselves, by work sharing they tend to talk more and discuss things that eventually help to increase comfort zone. A company or a team leader must let the employees work together and take decisions. A team leader should only come into the picture in cases of severe conflicts and misunderstandings.

To make an employee feel important, each individual must be involved in some work as per the person’s choice and interest. However, one should not impose work on an employee; a leader should let an employee to willingly accept challenges, which will eventually help with better productivity.

Leaders of a company must promote better transparency and in order to do that, written communications must be promoted as it is far more reliable than verbal communication. Various important issues must be circulated among individuals through emails and all the employees must be in the loop, as due to individual communication one might feel left out.

If a company works in dangerous environments, then it should make sure that the employees are using all the protective gears and they are protected from a mishap. The company should also hire some one as safety officer who will look after the safety aspect. However, the safety gears should be comfortable and light enough so that the employees can wear it for prolonged period of time.

A company must encourage its employees to take risks, and its quite natural that sometime risks will turn into mistakes. However, if the leadership raise a hell due to a mistake, then the workforce will get nervous and the bold decision makers won’t work for long. A company should always let its employees to take risks, which will eventually help both the employee and company grow a bit better.

A company must come up with various open door policies so that an employee can explain how he/she is feeling. With the policies in place the employeers can provide their sub ordinates a healthy work environment. A healthy work environment will make staffs more comfortable while talking to you about a number of things.

If a company encourages its employees when it comes to innovation then it would be a great thing for both the company and the employee. Innovation driven company always has far better brand value than others and if the company encourages its employees to innovate then it can create far better work culture, that eventually helps the company.

Birthday parties, New Year parties etc at workplace always improve the bond among employees and the employers. A company must enourage its workforce to decorate the office and make all the arrangements of the party, that will make every employee feel special and they will have their share of the fun too.

Functional comfort is also a big part, which helps in order to workforce satisfaction. A fuctionally comfortable workspace helps when it comes to extracting a little more from the employees. For example a creative team needs a workstation that is extreamly creative and mobile, while a group of developers might need more privacy to be more focused.

So, there are many benefits of providing a comfortable workplace for the staffs, that will eventually help the organisation to extract a bit more performance from the workforce.