Leading Cloud Security Provider, Bridgecrew Raises $18 Million

Cloud Security Provider

Bridgecrew, a California-based early-stage startup that enables organizations to automatically deploy cloud security engineering, has raised $18 million in Series A funding round.

In the latest round, the count of $14 million has been led by Battery Ventures along with the participation of Tectonic Ventures, Sorensen Ventures, Homeward Ventures, and DNX Ventures. The rest $4 million has been led by NFX as company’s seed round. A number of individual investors have also participated in the round.

For Idan Tendler, the Co-founder and CEO of Bridgecrew, it is easier to provision cloud resources, but he finds that security more challenging. He states, “We founded Bridgecrew because we saw that there was a huge bottleneck in security engineering, in DevSecOps, and how engineers were running cloud infrastructure security.

Idan explains, “Most security breaches happen because of a slight mistake somewhere over the course of an extremely complex process. Infrastructure security responsibility is naturally shifting left in organizations to software engineers, yet they lack the automation tools to remediate issues and quickly fix them. Bridgecrew is a developer-first company which automates security-engineering work without inflating the engineering backlog. Using rapid remediation, we not only save time and reduce workload from engineers, but we also help them to do their jobs better and ramp up organizational migration to the cloud.” He adds, “We do that by codifying the problem, by codifying what the engineers are doing. We took all the tasks that they needed to do to protect around remediation of their cloud environment and we built a playbook.

According to the company, it has 100 playbooks available currently and is keeping the crew lean for now with 16 employees. The cloud security firm has also noted that it aims to double that by the end of the year.

Idan tells, “We are planning to grow fast. The need is huge and the COVID-19 implications mean that more and more companies will be moving to cloud and trying to reduce costs, and we help them do that by reducing the barriers and bottlenecks for cloud security.

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