5 Toughest Exams In The World

Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination) - China:

This exam is essential for Chinese high school students seeking admission to universities. The Gaokao is extremely competitive and high-stakes, with immense pressure on students to perform well. It tests a wide range of subjects and lasts for several days.

UPSC Civil Services Examination - India:

Conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, this exam selects candidates for various civil services of the Indian government, including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Service (IPS).

Master Sommelier Diploma Exam:

Known for its grueling nature, this exam for aspiring master sommeliers involves three parts: a theory exam, a blind tasting of wines, and a practical service exam.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Exam:

The CFA program, offered by the CFA Institute, is divided into three levels. Each level tests a wide range of financial and investment-related topics.

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam - University of Oxford:

This exam is for a fellowship at All Souls College, Oxford, and is known for its challenging and unconventional questions.