5 Upcoming Astronomical Events in July 2024

Moon near Mars (July 1):

The crescent Moon will be near Mars in the constellation Aries, offering a great view of the two celestial bodies in close proximity. This event is best observed with the naked eye or binoculars

New Moon and Earth at Aphelion (July 5):

The New Moon, occurring at 22:57 GMT, provides ideal stargazing conditions as its light won't interfere with viewing other celestial objects. Additionally, on the same day, Earth will be at aphelion, its farthest point from the Sun

Mars near Uranus (July 15):

Mars and Uranus will have a close conjunction, with Mars being visible to the naked eye and Uranus requiring binoculars to spot. This conjunction offers a chance to see the reddish Mars and the bluish-green Uranus together

Full Buck Moon (July 21):

The Full Moon in July is traditionally known as the Buck Moon. It will reach its peak illumination at 10:17 GMT. Named by Native Americans, this Moon marks the time when young bucks start growing their new antlers

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower (July 29-30):

This meteor shower will peak with about 10 meteors per hour. The best time to observe is during the pre-dawn hours, away from city lights for a clearer view of the meteors streaking across the sky