Cristiano Ronaldo Business Lists

CR7 Hotels

Ronaldo and Pestana Hotel Group, a Portuguese tourist company that subsequently changed its name to Pestana CR7, collaborated to create this hotel.


The owners of the upscale restaurant Zela, Grupo Mabel Capital, include musician Enrique Iglesias, Pau Gasol, Rafael Nadal, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Fitness center

In order to launch CR7 Crunch Fitness, Ronaldo inked a contract with Crunch Franchise in 2016. Out of the 100-150 fitness centres he plans to open, there are now only two CR7 Crunches in Madrid.

Private jet

Ronaldo runs a private aircraft rental company as well. The hourly rental cost is approximately three thousand euros.

Hair clinic

It is Ronaldo's most recent venture. Half of the company's shares are owned by Ronaldo, who names his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez as executor.