Red Flag: 5 Signs You Are Micro Cheating On Your Partner

Secretive Digital Interactions

Engaging in private conversations, liking posts, or commenting on photos in a flirtatious manner without your partner’s knowledge.

Downplaying or Hiding Friendships

Minimizing the significance of a friendship with someone of the opposite sex or someone your partner might find threatening, especially if you’re spending time alone with this person.

Emotional Intimacy with Someone Else

Sharing personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone outside the relationship to the extent that they become your primary emotional confidant.

Comparing Your Partner to Others

Frequently comparing your partner unfavorably to someone else in your mind or in conversations, even if you don’t express it directly to your partner.

Flirting with Intent

Engaging in flirtatious behavior with others, whether in person or online, with the intention of eliciting a positive response or validation.