Best Methods Of Revision

Active Recall

– Test yourself on the material without looking at your notes or textbooks. – Create flashcards with questions on one side and answers on the other.


– Summarize complex topics in your own words. – Create concise outlines or mind maps to represent key concepts and their relationships.

Teach the Material

– Teach the material to someone else. Explaining concepts reinforces your understanding. – If you don't have a study partner, teach the material as if you were presenting it to a class

Practice Problems

– Solve problems related to the subject. This is particularly effective for subjects like math and science. – For essay-based subjects, practice writing essays on key topics.

Use Visual Aids

– Create diagrams, charts, or graphs to visualize information. – Visual aids can enhance memory and make complex topics more understandable.

Utilize Mnemonics

>Create mnemonics or acronyms to remember lists or sequences. >Mnemonics can be particularly helpful for memorizing information in a specific order.