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Terri Burmeister: Taking Risks and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

To get the best out of yourself, you must continuously analyze and acknowledge your own strengths and weaknesses. Leaders who have this self-awareness, who are open to new learning and have a decisive approach create the most success, for themselves and their companies. Possessing such leadership…

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Mark Rees: Capitalizing Cyber Security in Public Sector

To glorify an endeavor, a leader is required to bestow the courageous path of a successful journey along with his passion and impeccable ideologies. Catering to the justification of a leader’s triumph through one’s tireless efforts and skill, CIO Look…

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Amy Guarino | Chief Operating Officer at Kyndi Inc.

Appreciated the opportunity to work with CIOLOOK team and appreciate the recognition as a Successful Leader in Tech. The questions were thoughtful and helped present my story. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

COO, Kyndi, Inc.
Stephanie Atkinson | CEO | Compass Intelligence

I found the experience to be very easy and flexible. CIOLOOK worked around my busy schedule and made it very easy for me to provide feedback to interesting questions, and develop that into an enlightening story for the audience. The visuals and write-up were well done, and the magazine is high quality. The diverse group of executive included also made the content very informative and offered key learning for peers and other executives.

Founder & CEO, Compass Intelligence
Mark Rees | COO of Secucloud | CIOLOOK magazine

Doing the interview with CIOLook was a great experience and we are very pleased how the CIOLook team has presented Secucloud. CIOLook´s editorial and design quality stand head and shoulders above in industry trade press. Congratulations on your first edition and continued success for the future!
COO Secucloud GmbH, Germany
Kim vogel | President and Co-founder | Base Venture

Working with Jack and the CIOLook team was a pleasure. They are extremely professional and their work product is stellar. I had a wonderful experience.

Co-Founder and President, BaseVenture
CIOLOOK magazine

With media, there’s always that moment when you see your article for the first time and find yourself unconsciously holding your breath. How will it look? How will we sound? Working with Jack at CIOLook didn’t just make the process effortless from start to finish, but really “wowed” us. His team made our company, people, and technology truly shine!

Chief Marketing Officer, Unified Inbox

Business Profiles

Business Profiles

Stephanie LaTorre: A Desire to Walk Differently

Not every individual are capable of portraying the grit to follow an entrepreneurial trail. One has to be passionate and persistent over crafting his/her vision into a reality by surpassing all the obstacles in the way. A say, failure is the first step of success, which…

Business Profiles

Mari Anne Vanella: The Force behind the Vanella Group, Inc.

Innovation in technology has played a critical role in accelerating the growth of business. From managing the functions and operations of business to actually being the product of the organization, technology is a key to an organization maintaining their market dominance. Efficiently integrating proven principles with innovation for growth, is…

Business Profiles

Alicia Asin: Making an Impact with ‘Never Settle’ Approach

The business world is growing faster than ever and technology is playing a vital role in revolutionizing industries. In recent years, IoT has emerged as a game changer and its influence has brought forward many inevitable evolutionary developments. Technology is helping organizations in several ways, including the most essential, customer…