Tips for Finding Your Dream College

Identify Your Goals and Interests:

Determine what you are passionate about and what career path you might want to follow.

 Consider your academic strengths and weaknesses.

Evaluate Your Preferences:

 Decide if you prefer a large university or a smaller college.

Think about the type of campus environment you thrive in (urban, suburban, rural).

Research Colleges

Start with a broad list of potential colleges.

Start with a broad list of potential colleges.

Financial Considerations

Compare tuition costs, fees, and other expenses.

 Research available scholarships, grants, and financial aid packages.

Visit Campuses

Visit campuses to get a feel for the environment.

Attend classes and talk to current students and faculty.

Evaluate Fit

Assess whether the college’s culture and values align with your own.

Consider diversity, inclusivity, and support services.

Academic Rigor and Support

Investigate the curriculum and whether it matches your learning style.

Look for academic support services like tutoring, writing centers, and advising.