Top 5 Cities In The World As Per Oxford Economics

New York City, USA:

Topping the list, New York City excels in economic size, human capital, and overall global influence. It boasts the largest metropolitan economy in the world and significant contributions from finance, education, and business sectors

London, UK:

London ranks second, driven by its strong performance in economics and human capital. It is a major global financial center and home to numerous universities and corporate headquarters, contributing to its high rankings

San Jose, USA:

San Jose is ranked third, largely due to its outstanding GDP per capita and its role as a hub for technology and innovation in Silicon Valley. It also has a high proportion of foreign-born residents, which boosts its human capital score

Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo comes in fourth, with a robust economy that is the second largest globally in absolute terms. The city also scores high in human capital and quality of life, thanks to its many universities and corporate headquarters

Paris, France:

Paris ranks fifth, known for its significant cultural and economic impact. It has a strong GDP, high quality of life, and numerous cultural landmarks that enhance its global status