3D Display: A Multi-dimensional view of the future

3D display technology can transform a screen of images or videos into a magical world to someone’s eyes. 3D display is a Multi-dimensional view of the future.


3D Display


The ‘Three Dimensional Display’ means, a live visible display and feel of being surrounded by the view. Today, everything can be viewed in 3D, doesn’t matter which field we are talking about. 3D display can transform a screen of images or videos into a magical world to someone’s eyes.

3D display technology is an innovative technology that will continue to evolve and progress to give better results. 3D displays offer a higher resolution than 2D displays and the viewer experiences the real sensation in comparison to normal screen with the help of 3D performance.

Already, the expansion of the technology has begun in electronic industry which includes computers, television and video games. Stereoscopic/Auto-Stereoscopic 3D display technology is the improved technique of display in which there is no need of glasses. It has brought more convenience in laparoscopic surgery with new techniques where doctors could have direct eye contact with their environment. And now, the technology extending its arms and reaching to the hologram technology in which the visuals on the screen will be almost alive.

In the beginning time a picture of Queen Victoria became well known which was taken by Louis Jules Duboscq, after which Stereoscopic cameras caught in craze and were used in World War II. Later, a stereo animation camera named ‘Kinematascope’ was invented. By 1960s, Space-Vision 3D, a new technology was released. In 1970s, anamorphic lenses were used in another technology named as Stereovision that would widen the picture using a series of Polaroid filters. “The Stewardesses” was the first movie released by using this technology. By 1980s and 1990s, many more movies were released in 3D.

Then comes the time of HD Video Cameras in 2000s and many educational shows, sporting events, animated shows, musical shows and documentaries displayed by the TV channels and all in 3D. These days, every screen in the house is 3D capable.

Recently in 2016, Oculus Rift virtual reality headset became the well-known gadget to view the world in 3D. The Rift and the ebullient creator Palmer Luckey will be remembered for reinvigorating the notion of strapping awkward-looking things to our faces in trade for the privilege of visiting persuasively real imaginary places.

A Hologram is like a 3D photograph which is entirely made up of light. At the time of projection it looks like the original object and looks different from different angles.It is more complex to make a hologram than taking a photograph and require the exposure of light on a photographic film.

In Hologram technology, the light falls directly on the film instead the use of lens to focus the light. The film captures the images in such a pattern which is created by mixing laser beams from two sources.

There is a term known as Interference of light used it the field of physics in which the light beams from different sources meet under certain conditions and creates a pattern called interference pattern. The pattern looks like bright circles, alternate dark and concentric.

Interference circles are made on every single point of the objet being holographic. These countless circles make a strange looking pattern of the film. When the light passes through the film, it displays a hologram due to which the object can be seen in 3D in empty space without using any screen.

The researchers of the Digital Nature Group (DNG) are working on a system of holograms by which objects could be touched and interaction will be possible. The team is using lasers, lenses, mirrors and smart programming to manage and make physical interaction with a hologram possible. Focused energy of the lasers strikes theair molecules and creates tiny floating pockets of plasma light shapes. The holograms will be safe to touchdue to the shortness of the laser bursts. It would be possible to switch off the power button left on at house, to touch any object, and can give presence anywhere.

The telecom industry is also trying to use the technology to let people meet the relatives or friend, or colleagues directly on a hologram call. It might be used in company conferences, meetings, dealing face to face. 5G networks would be the best network to hold hologram calls as the 5G network companies promised to be 10 to 100 times faster than the existing network.

On this, Lowell McAdam, the CEO of the company ‘Verizon’ states that, “The collaboration under the current partnership of Verizon and KT has been very productive. We will continue to work together to lead the global 5G business by developing innovative technologies and services.”

The spokesperson of Korean Telecom states that, “When the 5G network is commercialized, 3Dhologram video calls will be available as one of the representative 5Gbased services. Through a complete hologram video call, users will be able to meet a person in a remote area in a real size in real time.”

3D floating projections will revolutionize treatments and surgeries carried out by the medical professionals. The technology will allow doctors view the parts clearly which are unclear in regular scans. The technology allows students to shift through skin layers, muscles, the cardiovascular system and the skeleton, and walk around the entire body.

This system will make it possible to diagnose, surgical planning and allow interventional radiology to cut organs, virtual tissue, and other body parts at various angles. An unlimited number of cross sections could be created by the radiologists and surgeons,and manipulate the image to identify the abnormal growth of tissue in an organ.

Many more industries like Educational industry, Tradeshows, Engineering and Architectural industry, Entertainment industry and Event industry would be beneficial with the Holographic technology. Some scientists are assuming the whole universe as a hologram, and the perception of the things around, is created by processing the information in the hologram. The Holographic Universe theory might become the key to understand the mystery of universe.