4 Indian Start-ups, Helping Community to Battle COVID-19

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4 Indian Start-ups, Helping Community to Battle COVID-19

Currently, humanity is facing one of the biggest pandemic since the Influenza flu. COVID-19, directly and indirectly, has affected our life. And, more cases have been confirmed in the United States than anywhere in the world. This global pandemic, has drastically caused a greater difference in every possible business sector. Fortunately, many Indian non-profit leaders in United States and all around the world are helping the most vulnerable people in their communities deal with COVID-19.

In such times, we must take every measure possible to tackle this pandemic and bring our world back on its path. Yet, this crisis has helped to bring many innovations at our doorstep. As a say, desperate times bring desperate measures. Considering the situations, many entrepreneurs have taken measures to support those who are in need and are battling corona virus. This shows that a company is more than just running a business.

Below are some of the Indian start-ups that are working tirelessly in the field of technology and healthcare:


Lots of companies have started contributed in helping communities, so has Toppeq. Right now, Indian states migrant workers are facing lots of problem. They are in need of monetary assets food, and hygiene kits and even shelter. Ever since the startup started, the company has been arranging the supply of food and medicine to truckers who have been stranded. And, has taken an oath to continue to do so until lockdown. This hygiene and food kit consists two kg rice and cereals, vegetables as well as other essential commodities which are required for daily usage.


Though there are lot of NGOs working out there, yet a bit more of contribution is not a harm. Ninjacart, is contributing by eradicating the food supply problem through offering essential food items to different NGOs, orphanages, and wherever it is possible at reduced and subsidized rates. Moreover, they have also started providing fresh fruits, and vegetables to various residential communities. The company are moving almost 1400 tons of freshly produced vegetables and fruits in less time by utilizing upgraded analytics and technology.

UV Robots

This Mumbai-based company, UV Robots are developing automated robot which can disinfect a room in less than 10 minutes. They have been developing a robot for restaurant automation and believes that the same technology can be used disinfecting process. Its application can be tested and used in the most possible disinfect locations such as hospitals, offices, gyms, markets and many other. By considering the current situation, many of the situations are in the need of such sanitization process in lots of institutions.

Qause India

Qause India is asking and providing volunteers for NGOs, connecting them digitally which each other simultaneously segregating services required by the specific NGOs. The company is actively seeking in joining hands with NGOs, to channel their donations and food supplies to facilitate the needed people through NGO network across all the states in India.

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