5 Key Information That You Should Include in Your Custom Business Card

Custom Business Card

As a business owner, you must offer an impressive identity through your business card. It should reflect all vital information regarding your sales platform and company.

As your entrepreneurial success greatly depends upon the right projection of your company, you must use a well-designed and meaningful custom business card to reflect the essential things about your business platform.

The latest market research report published by Businesswire says: The market was valued at US$ 1,057.6 million in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 3,065.8 million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.

5 Key Information that Your Business Card Should Carry

A thoughtfully made business card can go a long way in promoting your business. Due to this reason, it should carry several pieces of information regarding your business. Here are the key information that you must give in your business card:

Company Profile:

Company name.

Office or factory address.

Contact details like telephone number, mobile phone number, and email id.

Product or service profile: services you are offering or products you are manufacturing or selling

Corporate website link.

Projection of Company Logo:

Your company logo can go a long way in promoting your brand. It can also create brand loyalty. Due to this reason, you should prominently print the logo at the top corner of your card. An eye-catching logo design with a punch line regarding your business motto can be attractive.

QR Code:

You must print the QR code using a digital or NFC card. Besides reflecting your professionalism, it also helps the receiver of the card online to know most of the facts about your company. Scanning it on a smartphone lets the person receiving your business card know all about your company. This can facilitate your trade by generating more queries.

Product & Service Image:

You should add representative photos of the products and services your company deals with. They should be visually strong yet simply designed. The image representation should be done so one can know about them by simply looking at them.

Graphic Design:

Your card should graphically appeal to the viewers. It should be simple yet convey your taste for design and an eye for details. Your graphic designer must be an experienced one. It should have an eye-soothing color combination. Design must be in tune with your product or service lines to easily convey the business you are dealing with.

Your custom business card should be able to convey all about your entrepreneurial venture at its first look. This is where the successful projection of your company lies. It can generate larger sales queries and optimize them into actual sales.

It can help you break the ice with a new customer or anyone related to your business. In other words, you first attempt to introduce yourself and your business platform through a business card. It has a large number of importance or benefits.

Here are the benefits of using a business card for business and professional purposes:

Building Business Relationships:

Your card is meant to engage yourself and your business platform with existing customers, future customers, suppliers, and all other business associates.

Creating Network

Your business can grow exponentially if you have a wide network. This helps steady the generation of queries and conversion of trade queries into actual sales. To create this network, you require a business card.


The best way to brand your products, services, and company is to exchange business cards. When you send your business card with a QR code online, you promote your logo and send your product or service profiles. This helps to promote your branding organically.

Business Database:

When you give your business card, the person keeps it in the database. If the person is required to source a particular commodity, product, or service from a company, he (or she) will always look at the visiting cards collected. Usually, most business platforms keep a card database either electronically/digitally or physically (if a hard copy of the card is given). For all companies, the business database is very important.

Professional Business Approach:

The business spectrum has grown modern. This is more so with the invention of QR and digital cards. For this reason, your business card is important.

Market Research Report on Business Cards


Your business card has manifold purposes besides acting as the first or initial introductory tool. Mind you, it is also your public relations and marketing tool. No wonder it should always be impressive and expressive to convey most of the essential facts about your company.