5 Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Houston

Motorcycle Accidents

Undoubtedly, Texas’s motorcycle industry is thriving, with thousands of riders having a story to tell about the state’s open-air roads. Conversely, the number of related accidents is on the rise. For instance, 2022 claimed 562 lives, with 2,422 getting severe injuries.

There are several factors leading to these statistics. As a victim, the Houston motorcycle accident guide comes in handy in identifying liable parties and understanding the necessary procedures to get compensation.

The following article looks at the aspects posing risks to bikers in the Lone Star State. Read on to discover the challenges Houston roads present to two-wheeled adrenaline junkies.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Houston

Distracted Drivers

Motorcyclists’ concentration is always at its peak. However, vehicle drivers are usually distracted in several ways. This can happen in the following ways:

  • Eating
  • Using a cellphone
  • Operating the entertainment system

The use of phones can simultaneously lead to cognitive, visual, and manual distraction.

Distracted driving problems are a major issue on busy roads. The danger transfers to motorcyclists trying to navigate the congested paths. This is considering they have less visibility than the larger vehicles. As a rider, always be vigilant of the impending danger from these distracted drivers.

Lane Splitting

Many motorcycle riders’ resort to lane splitting on the increasingly congested roadways. Additionally, they ride between lanes of slow or halted traffic. However, the action is prohibited in Texas.

As a result, riding through heavy traffic offers inherent risks for motorcyclists. Typically, other cars do not anticipate or respond effectively to the lane-splitting. As motorcyclists, awareness is key when maneuvering Houston’s congested streets.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Houston has unpredictable weather conditions, including scorching summers and thunderstorms. These climatic situations have dire complications for riders, especially when lacking protective gear. These are the implications arising from poor weather conditions:

  • Poor visibility and slippery roads from heavy rainfall
  • Dehydration and fatigue in the summer

So, how can motorcyclists protect themselves from such climatic conditions? Firstly, you can invest in the necessary protective gear and stay ahead by following the weather forecast.

Speeding and Aggressive Riding/Driving

Houston roads are also famous for overspeeding motorists. This is also an issue with motorcyclists, especially the adrenaline junkies looking for a quick dopamine rush. The problem arises when these parties meet on the same path, with car drivers normally treating the riders as second-class citizens.

The situation can escalate when an aggressive trucker is involved. The occurrence of such a collision can lead to catastrophic injuries, including paralysis. You should note that such behaviors are illegal. They can usually endanger multiple parties in a given situation.

Driving or Riding Under the Substance Influence

Texas prohibits the handling of vehicles and motorcycles while intoxicated. Contrary to the rules, most motorists and bikers still do so, endangering their lives and those of other road users. These cases are common during the summer and holidays. Therefore, there’s a chance the accidents might involve students or teenagers.

Alcohol or any other substance affects a subject’s reaction time during an emergency. Instead, they can escalate a situation by speeding or steering in the wrong direction. Additionally, they may pass out and run over pedestrians or run into other motorists.


The love for motorcycle adventures will continuously rise over time in Texas. To curb the inevitable accidents, riders and other motorists have to watch out for the discussed reasons. Moreover, an easier prevention measure is adhering to Houston’s traffic rules and regulations. Most importantly, all road users should respect each other in their respective contexts.

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident on the Texas roads, hire a lawyer immediately after getting medical care. The lawyer will file a claim on your behalf and secure fair compensation for you.