6 Effective Brand Strategy Example to Inspire Your Branding

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is much more than just a brand name, logo, and tagline. With an effective brand strategy in hand, you can build good relations with your customers and encompass decisions that are needed for the brand identity to stick in the audience’s mind. It is extremely important that companies invest a sufficient amount of time in developing brand strategies to ensure they understand what their customer’s needs and requirements are.

Below we have mentioned some brand strategy examples that helped companies to be outranked in this competitive industry.

1. Tesla

Tesla focuses more on brand purpose while developing its brand strategies. Their primary purpose was to prove that customers don’t need to compromise in order to drive an electric car.  Additionally, Tesla thinks that green and sustainable energy is critical to the preservation of our ecosystem, as seen by their motto. ‘To accelerate world’s transition to sustainable energy which is a great way to attract customers’ attention emotionally and practically.

2. Apple

Another notable brand strategy example is Apple. Apple has done a great job in establishing value for its brand. With its top-notch product quality, most customers need to think otherwise while purchasing Apple devices. Apple’s brand core value rests in accessibility, education, environment, privacy, supplier responsibility, and inclusion & diversity. Both brand purpose and core value can help you create wonders in this competitive market.

3. Starbucks

By far Starbucks possesses one of the most unique and effective brand strategy ideas, of writing customers’ names on their coffee glasses while serving the drink. This distinct way of promotion helped Starbucks gain popularity over the internet and that for free of cost. Along with that, it helped Starbucks take more meaningful decisions towards the well-being of customers and become the finest coffee maker in the world.

4. Nike

By simply adding the brand logo to the shoes and other products Nike has made it possible for customers to remember the name of the brand only by looking at the logo. Nike was able to claim global market supremacy because of this shift from rational to emotive thinking. Moreover, this marketing technique has also helped Nike gain incredible success over the years. The ‘Just do it’ slogan is still one of the core components of this brand.

5. Amazon

When we think of Amazon our mind automatically drifts towards the quick delivery and customer satisfaction the brand has to offer. Amazon focuses more on customer needs and grievances while framing its brand strategies. Which helped this brand to create an appealing image in the minds of consumers and become one of the leading companies in the world.

6. Everlane

Everlane branding strategy emphasizes heavily how they can ethically source their products. They often tend to maintain radical transparency about their pricing and clothing materials, which is not very common in most women’s clothing brands and helps Everlane to truly stand out in the market. 

These were some prominent examples of brand strategy to inspire you to build a significant and efficient branding strategy.

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