A new over €70 million Fund of Funds Established by Rosberg Ventures Focusing to foster Innovation in Startups Worldwide

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Nico Rosberg, former Formula 1 World Champion, sustainability entrepreneur, and Angel Investor, along with his investment firm Rosberg Ventures, has unveiled plans for a new Fund of Funds exceeding €70 million. This initiative is designed to enhance German and European involvement in prominent global venture capital (VC) endeavors, aiming to bridge the investment gap between Europe and the United States in the VC sector.

The fund managed by Rosberg Ventures intends to invest in Tier 1 global VC funds, prioritizing diversification, a vital aspect in venture capital investment. Targeting Ultra-High-Net-Worth families in Germany and Europe, the fund will provide significant access to top-tier VC funds, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between startups and large corporations.

Although Europe possesses considerable wealth, its engagement in global venture capital (VC) is notably limited, with U.S. investments surpassing those of Europe by €188 billion to €77 billion. The objective of this fund is to revolutionize this scenario by enabling access to top-tier VC funds that were previously inaccessible to many German and European investors.

Nico Rosberg said: “Our mission with Rosberg Ventures has always been to empower global startup innovation and create value through strategic capital investment. With this new $75 million fund, we are not just investing; we are creating a platform for growth and transformation for both startups and established corporates.”

Rosberg Ventures introduced its inaugural fund over a year ago and has promptly proceeded to establish its second fund, which has already attained a first close at €30 million. This fund holds a distinctive position, with indirect investments in over 2000 pioneering startups spanning various sectors including AI, Health Tech, Blockchain, Robotics, Fintech, and Consumer technology.

“This new chapter at Rosberg Ventures extends the innovative, tech-centric work I’ve been dedicated to since my retirement from Formula 1. We are excited to continue this journey, shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship.” Rosberg added

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