Aljawharh Al-Hamed: Soaring High with Dedication to Ambition, Self-Assurance and Hard Work

Aljawharh Al-Hamed Senior Director of Corporate Communication & Marketing
Aljawharh Al-Hamed Senior Director of Corporate Communication & Marketing

Aljawharh Al-Hamed embarked on a journey fueled by passion and dedication in the realm of Corporate Communication and Marketing. The first step towards this commenced in 2012 within the finance sector as she delved into the intricacies of credit bureaus, enriching her knowledge through courses at prestigious institutions like the Saudi Central Bank and the Capital Market Authority.

In 2017, Aljawharh transitioned to an entirely different domain—the Aviation Sector. Here, she managed the role of Director of Corporate Communications at Riyadh Airports Company, making history as the first Saudi woman to hold such a position. Her tenure was marked by strategic initiatives including media management during the challenging times of the COVID-19 Pandemic and successful campaigns that drove transformative changes for the company and King Khalid International Airport.

Fast forward to April 2021, Aljawharh’s journey took a pivotal turn as she stepped into the role of Senior Director of Corporate Communication & Marketing at ALTANFEETHI. This role places her on the guiding side of crafting the company’s narrative and positioning it as a leader in Executive and VIP terminals across Saudi Arabia. As part of the leadership team, Aljawharh plays a vital role in shaping ALTANFEETHI’s trajectory towards pioneering progress in the sector.

Flying High

At ALTANFEETHI, the vision and mission are crystal clear—”We aim to lead in executive and VIP terminals, delivering unparalleled experiences to fortify our standing as a premier luxury brand worldwide,” says Aljawharh. In recent years, ALTANFEETHI has expanded its services and enhanced product quality, garnering praise from its clientele. “Last year alone,” Aljawharh notes, “we served a million guests, marking a remarkable  +40% increase from 2022, with 165,000 flights to various destinations.”

Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious aviation strategy, which targets 330 million passengers annually by 2030 with only 10% as transit passengers, ALTANFEETHI plays a pivotal role. This strategy is integral to Saudi Vision 2030 and positions the Kingdom as a regional hub and global logistics platform. “With unwavering support from decision-makers and top management,” adds Aljawharh, “we strive for unprecedented success and excellence in all endeavors.” ALTANFEETHI is a company and a driving force propelling Saudi Arabia towards its aviation and economic aspirations.

Crafting Corporate Identity

According to Aljawharh, in Corporate Communication and Marketing, building reputation and image is paramount which is rooted within the organization and extends outward. As da Camara emphasizes, understanding the dynamics of identity, image and reputation hinges on the interaction between internal and external stakeholders.

Drawing from her expertise, she highlights her efforts in establishing a robust Corporate Communication and Marketing department leveraging contemporary market-approved methods. She asserts, “Our success hinges on nurturing relationships with stakeholders and partners, integral to achieving management objectives.”

Aljawharh’s approach prioritizes innovative and targeted communication, disseminating strategic messages across key channels. She affirms “We continually strive to develop fresh ideas tailored to our audience, ensuring our luxurious services and facilities are effectively showcased.” Effective corporate communication and marketing not only shape external perceptions but also strengthen internal cohesion further driving organizational success.

Triumph Through Adversity

Aljawharh reflects on her upbringing, attributing her success to a supportive environment and familial pride. She shares “I’m fortunate to have been raised in such an encouraging atmosphere, with untiring support from my family, especially my influential mother, a prominent figure in Saudi Arabia.”

Challenges are inevitable for any leader, irrespective of gender, she asserts. She notes, “Overcoming obstacles is crucial as it fuels determination to succeed.” One significant challenge she encountered was unethical competition. “Some resort to underhanded tactics out of jealousy or envy, but I chose to rise above,” she laments

Aljawharh’s approach to handling such challenges is rooted in self-belief and goal orientation. She focuses on my objectives rather than engaging in futile confrontations. Instead of direct conflict, she channels her energy into achieving success despite adversity. “By staying true to myself, I turn obstacles into stepping stones, leading me to greater heights,” she affirms.

Her resilience and strategic mindset are evident in her ability to navigate through such obstacles without compromising her integrity. She reflects “I’ve learned that success isn’t about defeating others but about surpassing oneself.” In the end, she believes, her achievements will speak louder than any underhanded tactics positioning her firmly at the forefront of her field.

Innovation as Identity

At ALTANFEETHI, innovation is paramount for achieving excellence. She underscores the importance of motivating employees and adapting methods to suit customer needs. “Developing services beyond customer expectations is our definition of innovation,” she adds.

Detail-oriented innovation is ingrained in the company’s identity, she explains, citing its role in saving time and effort while surpassing ambitions. She insists, “Every detail matters and through innovation, we continually strive to exceed our ambitions.”

Setting the Standard

Aljawharh declares, “My ambitions know no bounds. I aspire to be a role model for Saudi women, striving for perfection and excellence.” She attributes her drive to the empowerment and support provided to Saudi women by King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman noting their significant contributions to national development and Vision 2030.

Aljawharh’s primary goal is to play a pivotal role in shaping ALTANFEETHI’s history and future. She explains, “I aim to contribute to our company’s strategy leading in exceptional service provision and setting the standard for luxury brands globally.” Her aspirations extend beyond personal achievement, aligning with the broader objectives of both her company and her nation.

Exemplifying ambition and determination, Aljawharh embodies the spirit of progress and empowerment, inspiring women across Saudi Arabia. Through her dedication and leadership, she paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Aljawharh says, “The aviation industry in Saudi Arabia is incredibly dynamic and I find immense joy in being part of its growth.” As one of the pioneering Saudi women in aviation, she takes pride in her role and sees the potential for more women to join the field, particularly in communication and marketing roles.

Aljawharh advocates for women in aviation emphasizing the importance of determination and broad industry knowledge. “Success is achievable with strong will and dedication,” she asserts. She encourages women to familiarize themselves with all aspects of the aviation industry, not just their specific roles in order to maximize their impact.

While acknowledging challenges, Aljawharh remains optimistic about the future of women in aviation. With determination and a holistic understanding, women can thrive in this industry leaving their mark and contributing to its continued advancement. Through her advocacy and leadership, Aljawharh inspires women to pursue careers in aviation, shaping a more inclusive and diverse industry landscape.

I advise aspiring women in aviation to recognize the boundless potential within themselves,” Aljawharh continues. “Don’t wait for opportunitiesseek them out and trust in your abilities.” She stresses the importance of self-belief, reminding women that their efforts today will yield rewards in the future. “Never underestimate your capabilities,” she urges. “Believe in yourself and you’ll achieve your goals.” Aljawharh’s guidance extends to the approach to work, “Work diligently, letting your actions speak louder than words.”

Aljawharh’s advice encapsulates the essence of ambition, self-assurance and hard work. By embracing these principles, women in aviation can pave their paths to success, contributing to the industry’s growth and personal fulfillment.