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Microsoft Copilot
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If used properly, Microsoft’s generative AI assistant, sometimes referred to as Bing Chat, can do a great deal for your company.

Over the past year, artificial intelligence has been a major factor in the IT sector, with major players in the space introducing chatbots, browser plug-ins, and software integrations that help simplify the lives of both consumers and companies.

Of these generative AI platforms, ChatGPT is obviously the most well-known, but Google Bard is a formidable rival. Nevertheless, despite its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft has long included its own AI chatbot, Copilot, into its suite of services.

An AI chatbot called Microsoft Copilot is conveniently incorporated into a number of Microsoft services. In addition to answering queries, conversational AI may produce content, take pictures, and carry out a wide range of other duties.

Microsoft Copilot is different from ChatGPT and other similar apps since it is part of the Microsoft ecosystem. This means you can use it on platforms like Teams, Outlook, and Office, as well as on the Bing search engine and Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. Utilizing Microsoft Copilot can take many various shapes because it is available through numerous Microsoft services.

Users can use Copilot for free via the Windows operating system and the Bing search engine. You will have to pay a little bit more, though, in order to use Copilot with the other services (Outlook, Office, and Teams) mentioned above.

The Microsoft 365 Enterprise plans come with an add-on called Microsoft Copilot, which costs $30 per user each month. Only the Microsoft 365 E3 plan, which costs $36 per user per month, and the Microsoft 365 E5 plan, which costs $57 per user per month, are compatible with the add-on.

Thus, the total cost of using Microsoft Copilot with the E3 plan will be $66 for each user per month, however the E5 plan add-on would cost you $93 for each user per month. That being said, adding an AI chatbot will not be inexpensive, therefore it is only available to enterprise-level companies.

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