Americans fears a Smarter Artificial Intelligence or AI will snatch their jobs.


‘A Perspective on Americans’ Attitudes Toward Artificial Intelligence’: A Stevens TechPulse Report states that the current American divide on upsides and downsides of AI is insightful and interesting as 48% of those polled (2200 adults) feels the upside is higher than the downside while 29% feels the reverse is true.

But the majority of them predict AI’s revolution in sectors as varied as Technological (65%), Manufacturing (61%), Logistics (58%), and Retail (52%). Although the positivity negates negativity, the old fear that somehow AI will become smarter than us, the homo sapiens, and will take over the key positions meant for them, is still there.

And anyhow, AI still makes them uncomfortable. Thus, many of them prefer humans as coworkers rather than machines, further mentions the survey.