An Employee of X in Dublin files a Defamation Lawsuit Against Musk

defamation lawsuit against Musk
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Musk fired X staffers who were involved in moderating attempts last autumn. According to RTE, a defamation lawsuit against Musk is being allowed to proceed by an Irish court. Elon Musk is the target of legal defamation claims made by an X employee.

According to a report from RTE, the leading news organization and broadcaster in the nation, lawyers for Aaron Rodericks, who stayed on Twitter after Musk bought the company and ultimately renamed it X, were given permission by an Irish court on Monday to serve Musk with documents pertaining to the defamation charges.

Prior to this, Rodericks led Twitter’s threat disruption team, which was in charge of eradicating false material from the network. His dismissal, along with those of other trust and safety personnel, came last autumn as part of a series of layoffs that caused thousands of Twitter employees to leave the company over Musk’s drastic cost-cutting initiatives.

Since Rodericks successfully sued X for an injunction that prevented his outright termination in a different court procedure in Ireland, where he is based, he is technically suspended from his employment with the corporation, according to sources. Thus, Rodericks asserts that his supposed termination was a “sham” because of his purported involvement in anti-Musk tweets.

A tweet that Musk sent out following the October layoffs that disbanded Rodericks’s election integrity team is at the center of the latest defamation lawsuits. Musk posted on the site, “Oh you mean the ‘Election Integrity’ Team that was undermining election integrity?” in reaction to media reports of the layoffs. Yes, they have vanished.

Musk’s attorney stated in court on Monday that his client “clearly refers” to Rodericks in that comment. RTE reported. Rodericks was among the remaining personnel dedicated to maintaining voting integrity.

According to Rodericks, Musk misrepresented in his post that “he was undermining Election Integrity, had acted in an unlawful manner, that he was incompetent and had been removed from his employment.” Consequently harming “his good name and reputation,” the RTE report stated.

Rodericks wrote directly to Musk, “asking him to have the tweet removed and to put forward an offer to make amends,” according to his attorneys during the trial, but he hasn’t heard back. The disputed tweet is still live as of Monday. In an effort to have the post removed, Rodericks also wrote to Twitter’s Ireland-based branch. In response, the company said that the tweet did not violate any platform policies and disclaimed any liability, as reported by RTE.

Rodericks’ attorneys can now proceed with issuing Musk with a court summons.

Requests for comments were not answered by Rodericks or a representative representing X.

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