ANTWORKS: A Global Leader in Intelligent Automation and AI

Asheesh Mehra | Co-founder & CEO | AntWorks Pte. Ltd.
Asheesh Mehra | Co-founder & CEO | AntWorks Pte. Ltd.

Achieving truly “cognitive” and “intelligent” process automation is a critical milestone on the roadmap to straight-throughprocessing. To consider a process automated end-to-end (without human touchpoints) some genuine thinking and learning must take place inside the solution. But what exactly do we mean by the word intelligence? And how can users compare the “thinking/learning ability” or “IQ” of one platform over another? Luckily a solution does exist TM AntWorks – a global, AI & intelligent automation company; creating new possibilities with data through digitization, automation, and enterprise intelligence. Led by Co-FoundersAsheesh Mehra, Group Chief Executive Officer, and Govind Sandhu, Chief Operating Officer, and also by Dr. Venkat, Chief Technology Officer; who together continue to shape the company and set the course for the future.

Below is the story,

Asheesh Merah and Govind Sandhu both founded AntWorks. Its TM proprietary platform – ANTstein SQUARE is a full-stack solution that enables non-technical business users to automate end-to-end business processes quickly, easily and in a scalable manner. The industry’s first integrated automation platform (IAP), powered by Fractal Science, ANTstein SQUARE is a multitenancy solution that allows for maximum bot utilization, understands all types of data, and provides customers with a one-stop solution for data curation and building, deploying and managing an AI-enabled smart digital workforce. Both gentlemen, together with CTO, Doc Venkatanathan Dwarakanathan, revolutionized the industry, bringing a new perspective on how business processes should be looked in as end-to-end and not as a single business process.

ANTstein™ is the first and only enterprise Intelligent Automation Platform powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition. AI and Automation could be a $ 5tn industry by 2025, but it can only be as good as the data it runs on. Today many organizations are not using AI and automation to realize its full potential. Most are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems to analyze structured data in the form of standardized code or text or categorized fixed field text – data that generally isn’t difficult to analyze or process, but only makes up a small percentage of overall business data. They are unable to process crucial unstructured data, which includes anything from images, web pages, legal documents, and medical records to mobile content.

ANTstein works with data from the beginning to the end. That means that it starts with the pre-processing phase, which auto inspects the data, moves on to identifying and classifying the data, digitises it, makes sure it’s all accurate, analyses it and then provides data enrichment, by doing the following:

  • Document Pre-Processing: This feature auto inspects, detects, and enhances the quality of any image document. The inspector analyses and separates the images with defects and applies several techniques to increase the quality of an image. The defects include noise, slanting/misalignment, inverted images, text and pages, blurred text.
  • Document Identification and Classifier: Identifies and classifies documents in different categories, removing the need for sorting and prepping data. It also includes the ability to train the system to learn new patterns, variations, and document types
  • Digitization in the following ways:
  • Document type: Structured and Unstructured Documents
  • Input Data Formats: PDF; TIFF; JPEG; PNG
  • Data Type: Printed, Handwritten, Checkboxes, Signatures, Stamps
  • Languages: English, all Latinscript based, Japanese and Thai
  • Data Certainty: Provides guaranteed confidence metrics for accuracy of data captured. It provides confidence metrics and colour codes for all extracted data, enabling the user to identify:
  • Green: data is correct
  • Red: data is not found and/or available
  • Amber: seems correct but not 100% certain
  • Data Contextualization and Sentiment Analysis: Captures content available in running text, which may or may not have labels, pivot points to infer context. The technique of inference is used to capture the decision points in binary classifications. Examples are Marital Status: Married / Unmarried, Employed / Unemployed, Male / Female, Pass / Fail
  • Data Enrichment: Enables users to create business process rules and add logic to reconcile, validate, or enrich the data. It can apply rules within the available data set, look up external data sets for validation or enrichment, and then apply rules to the enriched data set.
  • Maths Rule: arithmetic operations on amount and integer field types
  • Special Rule: Special rule can be applied only if-then conditions are satisfied or formatting rules for specific text patterns
  • Concatenate Rule: Join two different fields together and have it in one field

“ANTstein SQUARE automates the entire business process – not just discrete tasks. The focus at AntWorks has always been to deliver straight-through processing for clients, which then can deliver real and accountable business cases. That’s unlike what Gen 1 RPA promised,” said Asheesh Mehra, AntWorks Group CEO, and co-founder. “Our recognition as a Leader in IDP is a testament of our vision, strategy, and market success with enterprise Integrated Automation Platform (IAP), ANTstein™ with our proprietary industry-leading computer vision product – Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR). CMR provides superior results on data with small variances like business processes enabling higher straight-through processing results,” said Asheesh Mehra, Co-founder & Group CEO, AntWorks.

AntWorks fundamentally believes that for a truly successful team environment, it must all treat its co-workers with care, empathy, compassion, and respect that the company would give to its own family, and it invests a lot of time and energy into ensuring that it practices what we preach. In the colony, the company follows a ’People First’ culture — one that actively encourages every bright mind to explore new possibilities and ideas, free from the constraints of traditional corporate bureaucracy, and supported by first-rate training and learning. By offering a safe and professional work ecosystem, the company promotes integrity and strong work ethics.

In a short span of time, AntWorks has already made a global impact in the AI and RPA space as it is consistently benchmarked against competitors who have been in the automation space far longer than the company. This reflects the company’s appetite for growth as it has managed to expand globally and has already opened new offices in USA, UK, Singapore, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Philippines, Dubai, Australia and Canada in the last 12 months. What’s more, there are already on-going plans to increase its presence in France, Germany, Sweden, among others in the next year. Since the company was founded in 2015, it has expanded exponentially in global headcount from 58 to 467 employees today. And this number continues to grow. This is a testament to the company’s ambitions to fast forward its plans to revolutionize the RPA and automation industry.

As a testament to the company’s capability, HfS Research’s 2017 RPA Blueprint stated; “The combination of computer vision and pattern recognition allows AntWorks to provide one solution where many service providers have painstakingly integrated different toolsets.”

It is envisioned to be the most admired, respected, and loved organization on planet Earth, guided by its philosophy of Fresh, Fearless & Fast. And, missioned To manifest the power of ethical AI while delivering the greatest value to its customers and its people.

Testimonials- Rick Koo, the leader of digital works at Mercer, said, “AntWorks’ full-stack integrated automation platform is a compelling technology solution. While evaluating vendors for our digital transformation project, we were impressed with AntWorks’ capability and vision. They are great partners and are willing to go beyond in terms of commitment and effort and display total collaboration and transparency. We appreciate their strength and focus in using a businessled approach, instead of a technologyled approach, to problem-solving.”