Apple’s Market Capitalization Surpassed $3 Trillion


Apple’s market capitalization closed at approximately $3 trillion, reaching this milestone for the first time since August. The achievement came as Apple’s shares increased by 2% to $193.42 per share on Tuesday. Although Apple officially crossed the $3 trillion mark in June and briefly touched it in December 2022 during intraday trading, the recent climb reflects the company’s resilience. Apple’s stock price has risen by over 48% this year, showcasing its durability even as the company engages in share buybacks, reducing its total share count.

Investors continue to view Apple as a formidable entity with substantial cash flow, globally popular products, and robust shareholder return programs. Despite facing challenges such as slowing growth and market issues in regions like China, Apple remains the most valuable publicly traded U.S. company. In its fiscal year 2023, starting in October, Apple reported total revenue of $383.29 billion, marking a slight decrease of about 3% compared to the previous year. In November, Apple issued a warning, stating that it did not anticipate annual revenue growth in its crucial December quarter, the first full quarter with iPhone 15 sales.

Looking ahead to the coming year, Apple has plans to release its Vision Pro virtual reality headset, representing its first major computing platform since introducing the Apple Watch in 2014. The achievement of the $3 trillion market cap underscores Apple’s ability to maintain its strong market position, driven by popular products, solid financial performance, and ongoing innovation.

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