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Arviem AG
Stefan Reidy | Founder & CEO | Arviem AG

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Longer the chain, more the likelihood of apparent weaknesses across it.”

Worldwide experiences of over a century show that weaknesses in the supply-chain arise less due to operational reasons and more due to lack of trusted information. Supply chain stakeholders are operating in silos which leads to the development of blind-spots and areas of opacity resulting in overcompensation and services and costs not matching commitments. While in the short-term, this could lead to client dissatisfaction and their departure, in the long-term it could stall growth and give way to competition to enter the scene.

Into this quirky quagmire entered Arviem AG in the year 2008, to bring respite to supply chain and logistics professionals looking for more transparency, visibility, and security across the entire spectrum. Ever since its inception, Arviem has developed services that expand the traditional concept of freight visibility which, till a while back, relied on carrier dependent milestone-based data.

“Our constant, real-time, live data stream on the location and condition of the cargo eliminates information silos within organizations.”

Arviem has changed the paradigm to reflect reliable, high quality, real-time data that is available on demand – even while the cargo is in transit. In doing so, it has practically wiped out blind spots, opacity and the formation of information silos that hold back information about goods, their whereabouts, and their condition while they are in transit by sea, air, rail, or road.

Why Arviem?

Today, revealing supply chain inefficiencies is more important than ever. Besides increasing service quality and efficiencies, and reducing costs, it also leads to making supply chains more resilient. In some cases, experience shows that supply chain efficiencies have been the main value drivers in the acceptance of products.

A crystal ball is how Stefan Reidy, the founder and CEO of Arviem describes the company’s range of services which, like the proverbial ball, reveal the flow of goods, finances and information by means of an independent, real-time, end-to-end cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility service.

Constant, real-time and live data streams about the location and condition of the cargo eliminates information silos enabling departments and businesses such as supply chain, logistics, procurement, finance, and customer service to work together while sharing a ‘single source of truth’ and make fast and intelligent logistics, purchasing, inventory and customer decisions.

To give all its user the real ‘crystal ball’ feel, Arviem uses data-gathering and analysing systems quite extensively, helping clients make the best and quickest cargo-related decisions that are backed by real-time data. IoT devices including those developed in-house give Arviem the decisive edge over competition when it comes to the generation of accurate, real-time data that clients get in highly personalized report formats.

Setting Benchmarks

Logistics has a vast scope which engenders competition. Increasing competition brings related pressures on physical assets which may result in break-downs and slow-downs. Delays and disruptions down the line are an invariable outcome. What is not an invariable outcome, is a service provider’s response.

Information, on time, can help change and avert the invariable which can help clients either save resources or in some cases, even increase sales, and consequent customer satisfaction. Arviem’s supply chain visibility dashboards and reports with their easy-to-comprehend and appealing UIs, help supply chain professionals take datadriven decisions to optimize their supply and logistics chains, their working capital resources, transport and demurrage costs, insurance premiums, administrative costs besides ensuring product safety and quality at every stage of transit.

Technology is the new driver of efficiencies in supply-chain and logistics. Reading the tea-leaves in his cup, Stefan has initiated their entry into the niche field of offering supply chain visibility services which involves IoT devices, their repositioning and also their maintenance as well as data analytics which in days to come, would bring its own share of recognition for Ariviem AG.

The future in supply-chain linking! 

Interlinked fluid systems like the supply chain with its set of independent activities dove-tailing into each other, carry an inherent element of constant change, making it both difficult and challenging to create a one-size-fits all solution. It is then left to the likes of Arviem AG to constantly scan the horizon to analyze situations and come up with products that meet the interest of both shippers as also the logistics-service providers.

Data collection and analysis at each stage and activity remains central. Having experienced immense success with the creation and propagation of a 24×7 platform for real-time supply chain visibility, Arviem’s developing new services to leverage its data: cargo-targeted supply chain risk management and risk assessment as well as transportation financing and working capital optimization services.

Ariviem AG’s hands are full with interesting possibilities to address constantly changing links that define and confine supply-chains worldwide. With a visionary CEO-Founder at the helm, this is one ship that has all the marking of the true data warrior.