Asteroid Samples Reveal Important Possibilities of Water and Life 


The recent asteroids which returned to Earth have revealed crucial hints about the possibilities of life in the solar system. 

The recent research has disclosed interesting clues on how the solar system including Earth might have acquired its water and several organic components which are crucial life-sustaining aspects. 

A detailed study was undertaken by the Kochi Team 2, of eight particles that returned to earth from asteroid ‘Ryugu’ by the JAXA3 spacecraft Hayabusa 2. 

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, and The Open University (OU) supported the study which was led by Motoo Ito of JAMSTEC.  

An Oxygen isotope analysis was conducted on the samples of Ryugu by the OU experts. The research data is a critical component in developing links between the existing meteorite record and the returned asteroid. 

The material contains organic matter and a lot of water. The experts from OU experts confirmed that the Ryugu samples had significant similarities to meteorites of the CI (Ivuna-type) chondrite group. The OU team included researchers Richard Greenwood, Ross Findlay, Ian Franchi, and James Malley.