Avatar Theatrical Re-release Grosses a $30M Worldwide


Disney made $30 million in ticket sales worldwide from the theatrical rerelease of “Avatar” from 2009.

Box office analysts are buzzing over the $20 million worldwide total, even though local ticket sales, which are anticipated to total $10 million, are in line with expectations.

The rerelease of the James Cameron-created eco-conscious science fiction universe is now regarded as something of a litmus test for whether audiences still want to visit there. The first of the original movie’s four sequels, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” will debut in December.

After witnessing the numbers, box office observers concurred that there is certainly ongoing audience interest in “Avatar.” However, it’s yet uncertain whether this desire will result in December ticket sales, particularly for 3D presentations.

Disney could still need to provide a range of screen options. The popularity of 3D movies has decreased over the past ten years, despite the fact that after the initial release of Avatar 1, people gravitated heavily towards them.

However, this won’t be as big of a problem abroad. In overseas markets, particularly in China, 3D has continued to enjoy outstanding popularity. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that “Avatar” grossed a staggering $2.08 billion in revenue outside of the United States.