Big Bang: Integrating Tech for Better Good

Gabriel Tupula | CEO | Big Bang
Gabriel Tupula | CEO | Big Bang

In this era of digitalization, we have witnessed unimaginable technological disruptions in various business sectors. We, as humans, have unfolded many technological facets including cloud tech which has brought a revolutionary change in the customary way businesses operate. One of the flag-bearer in leveraging cloud technology to its fullest is Big Bang. 

CIO LOOK admires such organizations and appreciates Big Bang’s contribution to the evolution of the technological sector. It is proud to feature Big Bang in its special edition “Companies Leading the Cloud Technology Revolution, 2019.” 

Here is the story behind the inception of Big Bang:

Big Bang is an IT cloud solution consulting firm that helps implement and integrate cloud system(s) from its vast portfolio of products to optimize the efficiency of businesses and provide clarity on their performance. Services range from business systems advisory (BSA), to implementation, to integration along with providing support and training for cloud solutions including: NetSuite (polyvalent financial system), Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management solution), Rootstock ERP (manufacturing oriented financial system), Mavenlink (employee time management system), ServiceNow (for IT companies) and FinancialForce ERP (professional services oriented).

Big Bang’s CEO recognizes the importance of adapting to change, especially when it comes to the technology industry, which is why his approach is, first and foremost, to embrace change. Being able to work in an organized chaos and generate results despite the constant disruptiveness is the reason behind Big Bang’s success. The company’s values, teamwork, responsiveness and staying grounded, also play a big role in the CEO’s approach over the industry. These values are reinforced through the company purpose to create tangible value. Big Bang is able to serve customers in several industries because of their goaloriented, results-driven strategy to provide an exceptional service, even if it means having to fail a few times. As Gabriel often says “Try often, fail quickly and when you do, fail forward”.

Big Bang’s constant search for best-in-class solutions to offer its customers makes up the biggest part of its contribution in the evolving cloud consulting sector. In fact, Big Bang’s vision is to become the most trusted independent consultant team specializing in business management, collaboration and automation solutions and doing so by proposing and implementing business solutions composed of best of breed products. By centralizing the different business needs and being able to tend to them, Big Bang aims to serve all customers, in all industries, as a one stop shop for all functional and technical needs. Rather than going to see a specialist in one product, who will never be accountable for the global solution, Big Bang takes on the responsibility to ensure the scope of work is delivered and the systems recommended can work together to achieve (or surpass) the mandate and growing needs of a business.

Every new company will go through several types of experiences before understanding the true success factor behind its growth. At Big Bang, the real success factor that shaped the journey of the company and revolutionized the business is the clear definition of roles and career paths along with the addition of departments. At the beginning, even in the organized chaos, it was relatively difficult to deliver the way the company wanted to. There comes a moment in each business leader’s life where they realize they are growing faster than expected and what used to work in the past, does not necessarily work as well today. At Big Bang, the roles are defined as the company grows. A good indicator of where Big Bang is in the company success journey is the organizational structure along with a good understanding of each role within the company, how it aligns with the overall goals, and what responsibilities come with the position. It is also a great way to get the right resources to do the right job and increase the quality of delivery and service based on client requirements.

As a service-based company, Big Bang copes with the volatile technological changes in the market by relying on its greatest asset: their resources (i.e. the experienced brains of their consultants)! The training and knowledge sharing at Big Bang differs from other companies. At Big Bang, people are trained to adapt to change and to understand how different systems work. Their versatility in terms of skills, education, expertise and multiple product knowledge allows the company to quickly cope with the constant changes in the industry. Big Bang does not only “cope” with change, it embraces it and relies on it.

Big Bang differentiates itself from competitors in 3 ways:

  • Brand agnostic: at Big Bang, focus is on being able to provide professional services related to cloud systems and make sure customers are benefiting from the solution. The client is the company’s number one priority. Because of the focus on services, it is able to offer clients multiple products while staying brand agnostic and only focusing on the business needs and how to solve them, regardless of the brand.
  • One-stop-shop: Big Bang is constantly looking for ways to improve and grow its product portfolio to be able to offer solutions to its clients for all business needs. In doing so, it aims to become a one-stop shop to make its clients’ lives easier and allow them to have accountability on all their system needs.
  • Being a trusted business advisor, a true partner: Big Bang, acts as an extension of your organization, not as a third party. It is there to find solutions to your business needs and takes care of providing all the services related to them- including training its clients so they are able to run their systems autonomously. Whatever the need is, a BPR, a full implementation, etc., Big Bang will accompany its clients throughout the entire journey, from start to finish.
  • The company benefits from the volatile technological changes by being ahead of the trend. It is trained to expect and adapt to change which is already a big advantage in the cloud consulting business. By embracing change and sharing high adaptability with its clients, the company is able to create tangible value. Moreover, Big Bang’s efforts at keeping up with recent technological trends allows it to offer its customers more specialized tools as they emerge in the market. Ensuring long lasting relationships with customers is one of Big Bang’s main priorities which is also how helping their clients grow contributes to Big Bang’s success.