Boots Plans to Restructure by closing 300 outlets over the Next 12 months


Another store is apparently scaling back its high street operations, dealing towns and cities throughout the UK yet another hit.

Boots, which employs 52,000 people, plans to close 300 locations nationwide over the course of the upcoming year.

This follows the announcement of related actions by companies including Argos and HSBC earlier this year.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the beauty retailer said: “Evolving the store estate in this way allows Boots to concentrate its team members where they are needed and focus investment more acutely in individual stores with the ambition of consistently delivering an excellent and reliable service in a fresh and up to date environment.”

Concerns about the future of the association between the well-known business and its owner Walgreens Boots Alliance have been raised in light of the reported closures.

Walgreens’ chief financial officer for the entire company, James Kehoem, stated: “We will continue to optimise our locations and opening hours, and expect to close an additional 300 locations in the UK and 150 locations in the US.”

Before a “unexpected and dramatic change” in the global financial markets apparently halted a potential takeover, Walgreens was planning to sell the brand.

It is anticipated that the corporation would reduce its number of locations from 2200 outlets to just 1900 as a result of this recent wave of closures.

The company has already declared plans to close shops and pharmacies throughout the UK, with many of these closures reportedly affecting mostly neighbourhood pharmacies.

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