Building a Strong Foundation: Sean Perlman’s Approach to Positive Talent Acquisition

Sean Perlman | Talent Acquisition Manager at AMMEGA
Sean Perlman | Talent Acquisition Manager at AMMEGA

Sean Perlman is a results-driven Talent Acquisition Manager at AMMEGA who boasts over 15+ years of progressive expertise in the talent acquisition sector. Sean’s journey unfolds from being a revenue-producing people manager on the agency side to a corporate consultant, currently serving as a full-time employee.

With a rich background in diverse fields like Human Resources, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, IT, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, Sean is a subject matter expert adept at meeting organizational goals in time-to-fill. His career trajectory reflects a seamless transition from agency dynamics to corporate excellence.

Sean’s proficiency extends to various Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), including iCIMS, Taleo, BrassRing, and more. Notably, Sean has an exceptional record of surpassing company Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), making him a valuable asset at AMMEGA. His commitment to optimizing talent acquisition and retention aligns seamlessly with AMMEGA’s objectives, making him a key team member in driving proactive HR practices.

Strategic Talent Optimization

Optimizing talent acquisition for better retention begins with a clear strategy focused on positive candidate engagement from the start,” emphasizes Sean. Whether the candidate is passive or active, their initial interaction shapes their perception of the overall opportunity. Sean underscores the importance of establishing oneself as a subject matter expert on the company. Precision in articulating the company’s offerings is key. This strategy not only informs candidates but also generates excitement about the potential opportunity.

In addition, Sean stresses the significance of identifying passive candidates and promoting diversity within the candidate pool. It’s crucial to cast a wide net and ensure a varied mix of talents. This approach enhances the overall effectiveness of the talent acquisition process. Regardless of the role’s level, Sean insists on providing a top-notch experience for every candidate. “Each person should feel they are getting the ‘white glove’ treatment,” he states. This commitment to personalized attention reinforces a positive candidate experience and supports contributing to successful talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Dual Channel Talent Acquisition Strategy

In my current role as the inaugural Talent Acquisition Manager, I’ve been privileged to shape the talent team from within,” shares Sean. “Leveraging my past experiences, I’ve implemented strategies aimed at achieving our talent acquisition goals.”

For exempt roles, my approach is straightforward,” Sean explains. He posts the position on the company’s internal Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Concurrently, launching a comprehensive project on LinkedIn and utilizing direct sourcing methods. This dual strategy serves to identify passive candidates in order to cultivate a diverse, qualified candidate pool and attract stronger candidates overall. Sean’s practical approach highlights the importance of utilizing internal systems and external platforms to maximize the effectiveness of talent acquisition efforts.

Certifying Excellence

I’ve been fortunate to experience all facets of Talent Acquisition (TA),” shares Sean. After seven years in staffing, he aspired to transition to corporate recruiting. Overcoming the challenge of lacking perceived relevant experience, he devised a strategic plan. Pursuing and obtaining AIRS certifications as a Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) and Certified Social Sourcing Recruiter (CSSR) played a pivotal role in validating his skill sets. Sean explains, “This strategic move facilitated my transition to consulting for TA, where I had the opportunity to work with esteemed clients.”

Eventually, I decided to transition to full-time employment,” Sean continues. Through his tenure with notable companies, he has gained insights into the workings of some of the best organizations. He has leveraged this experience to assimilate the best practices from each and apply them judiciously in his current endeavor. Sean’s journey emphasizes the importance of strategic planning, continuous learning and leveraging diverse experiences to excel in the dynamic field of Talent Acquisition.

Tech-Focused, Versatile Recruiter

I’ve consistently avoided being pigeonholed as a recruiter aligned with a single business unit,” notes Sean. Fortunately, his career has allowed him to engage with multiple units, yielding successful outcomes. Despite the predominant focus on technology in his last eight years, he adeptly navigated recruitment across various units. Being well-versed in comprehending the intricacies of the roles he recruits, in turn significantly enhances his ability to establish credibility with hiring managers and, most importantly, with the candidates. “This depth of understanding not only facilitates more effective communication with stakeholders but also contributes to the establishment of trust and rapport with potential candidates.”

Sean’s approach underscores the importance of versatility in recruitment, showcasing the value of diverse experience and a deep understanding of roles for effective communication and relationship-building in the field.

Beyond Connections

Upon article publication, Sean foresees reaching a LinkedIn milestone with 10,000 first-degree connections. This achievement amplifies his reach for sharing company insights and job openings, yielding a valuable increase in response rates from his extensive network. Sean underscores the significance, stating, “Leveraging LinkedIn as a strategic platform contributes to an enhanced recruitment and branding strategy, allowing for a more expansive and impactful outreach.” This milestone not only signifies personal growth but also highlights the practical benefits of utilizing LinkedIn as a powerful tool for effective communication and recruitment outreach.

In the Know

Sean is an active member of the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and he emphasizes the importance of staying informed about industry trends through social media. Avidly following prominent HR influencers is crucial for professional development. Regular engagement with perspectives and knowledge shared by thought leaders is integral to staying current in the field.

Additionally, Sean adopts a proactive stance by participating in conferences and attending local events whenever feasible. “This approach ensures I stay abreast of the latest developments, fostering continuous learning and contributing to my proficiency in the dynamic field of Human Resources,” Sean explains. By actively seeking knowledge and networking opportunities, Sean demonstrates a commitment to ongoing professional growth, reinforcing the significance of continuous learning in the realm of Human Resources.

Consistency and Adaptability

Sean stresses the importance of a ‘consistent plan of action’ for positions under his purview, ranging from hourly to executive levels. He acknowledges the need for variations but highlights the unreliability of job postings on career sites.

I place a strong emphasis on networking and proactive networking on LinkedIn, particularly for professional roles,” Sean explains. This approach ensures a comprehensive and targeted recruitment strategy for addressing the diverse requirements of roles across the spectrum. By prioritizing networking over traditional job postings, Sean’s strategy reflects a dynamic and effective approach to talent acquisition showcasing adaptability to the nuances of different positions while maintaining a cohesive overall plan.

Building Talent Pipelines

Sean advocates for a systematic approach to cultivating LinkedIn connections, emphasizing its benefits for building a robust talent pipeline. This approach is particularly beneficial when aligning with specific functional areas, allowing for a targeted focus, such as in IT. Simultaneously, Sean recommends a deliberate effort to disseminate relevant articles on LinkedIn to enhance the association of one’s name with the organization and establish thought leadership.

Recognizing the pivotal role of sourcing, Sean underscores the importance of continuous skill development to maintain a competitive edge in identifying and attracting top-tier talent. “Continuous skill development ensures a competitive edge in identifying and attracting top-tier talent,” he highlights.

Despite technological advancements, Sean emphasizes the enduring significance of the human touch in recruitment. Establishing a personal connection, particularly from the onset of contact, is crucial. This human-centric approach fosters positive candidate experiences and contributes to the overall success of recruitment endeavors.

Navigating Misconceptions

In the intake meeting, Sean elucidates the comprehensive recruitment process, countering the misconception that Talent Acquisition is merely transactional. “Managers often believe exceptional candidates will automatically apply after posting a role,” Sean notes. To address this, he consistently engages in weekly meetings providing stakeholders with timely updates on market dynamics.

Proactive communication proves invaluable in recalibrating our search strategy should we encounter challenges in aligning the candidate pool with the desired standards,” Sean emphasizes. This approach ensures a shared understanding of the recruitment process, fostering collaboration and enabling agile adjustments to navigate challenges in sourcing top-tier talent.

The Resilient Recruiter

Cultivating empathy is paramount in Talent Acquisition (TA), acknowledges Sean. “The nature of the work can be demanding, and disappointment is not uncommon, particularly when dealing with human capital.” Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of a tenacious disposition, showcasing resilience and the ability to generate innovative solutions. “Being a subject matter expert in TA is imperative,” Sean states, highlighting the need for continuous skill development.

Furthermore, Sean underscores the significance of maintaining a level-headed and positive demeanor. Navigating the intricacies of TA requires not only technical proficiency but also emotional intelligence to handle setbacks and uncertainties with composure. This holistic approach combining empathy, tenacity, expertise, and a positive mindset forms the foundation for success in the dynamic realm of Talent Acquisition ensuring effective navigation through challenges and fostering a positive and resilient professional approach.

From Good to Great

Possessing a comprehensive understanding of the company’s objectives and mission statement is crucial for TA professionals, notes Sean. This knowledge is vital for effectively communicating the unique value propositions to potential candidates. Acquiring top-tier talent is pivotal in aligning with and fulfilling the company’s objectives, making it one of the most critical facets of TA’s contributions.

Success in attracting candidates aligned with the company’s mission underscores the strategic prowess of TA. This alignment not only enhances the workforce but also drives organizational goals. Sean highlights, “Within the realm of TA, we play a pivotal role in shaping the foundation of an outstanding organization, capable of transitioning from good to great.” The strategic efforts of TA significantly contribute to the overarching success and excellence of the entire enterprise, showcasing its central role in elevating the organization to new heights.