Casting Off for Success: Matt Rocco Navigating the Future of Client Excellence with Foresight

Matt Rocco
Matt Rocco President & CEO Etech Global Services

In 2003, a company took its first steps in the business world, armed with only 400 employees and a single contact center in Nacogdoches, Texas. Fast forward 20 years and a global powerhouse with over 50 partnerships, 3,600 employees and ten state-of-the-art contact centers, spanning the United States, nearshore and offshore locations. This is the journey of Etech Global Services, an outsourcing and offshoring consulting company that specializes in delivering effortless customer experiences through advanced analytics and contact center solutions.

At the helm of this remarkable transformation is Matt Rocco, the President & CEO of Etech Global Services. Matt is not just a leader—he’s a visionary who has propelled Etech into the future. His leadership is grounded in the innovative use of artificial and human intelligence, which has enhanced training and coaching, ultimately leading to improved customer experiences and increased shareholder value.

Etech’s journey is a reflection of Matt’s leadership and it’s not just about numbers and locations. It’s about turning data into strategic insights and leveraging technology to deliver next-generation BPO solutions. With millions of voice interactions, chat & email interactions alongwith quality monitoring evaluations annually, Etech is not just a company—it’s a partner for organizations of all sizes.

Let’s explore a world where customer experience is paramount, Etech and Matt stand as ideals of excellence, guiding companies toward success and delivering on the promise of effortless customer experiences!

From Humble Beginnings to the Corner Office

When Matt graduated from Dickinson College with a major in Economics, he had dreams of a thrilling career in finance. Little did he know that destiny had a different path in store. In 1984, he joined Dun & Bradstreet’s inaugural call center division in Allentown, Pennsylvania. As Matt puts it, “I realized I enjoy being among people, interacting with them rather than sitting in an office and crunching numbers.”

Over 16 years with Dun & Bradstreet, Matt helped launch four new call centers and climbed the ladder to become Vice President of Call Center Operations. This experience laid the foundation for his expertise in the contact center domain. Then in 1999, Matt was recruited by Bellsouth to start a new call center division in Nacogdoches, Texas, for The Berry Company, known as Berry Direct.

As Director of Operations, Matt faced a daunting challenge when Bellsouth threatened to shut down the call center, risking over 400 jobs. He recalls, “I felt accountable to the other 400 team members I was leading.” With determination, Matt rallied support from Dilip Barot and investors, acquiring the call center’s assets and saving those jobs. Thus, Etech Global Services was born.

Leading Etech as President & CEO, Matt guided the company’s remarkable growth from 400 team members to 3,600 across 10 locations in 3 countries. His journey proves that sometimes, unexpected turns can lead to incredible success stories.

Top of Form

Onward to Customer Bliss

In the landscape of modern business, leadership has transcended traditional notions of authority. As Matt reflects, “At Etech, leadership was never about ruling, it was and is always about serving.” His journey at Etech underscores the power of servant leadership.

For Matt, joining Etech meant leading with service as his North Star. This approach not only honed his leadership skills but also ignited a profound sense of purpose within him. “The servant leadership approach prioritizes customer experience at every step,” he emphasizes.

Early in his career, Matt realized that success hinged on cultivating robust customer relationships, a value he found mirrored in Etech’s core principles. “Stepping into a leadership role at Etech became easy when I was able to relate my values with Etech’s core commitments and advocacies,” he explains.

His alignment with Etech’s culture, rooted in collaboration, innovation and empathy, fortified his resolve. “Creating a workplace where team members thrive while contributing to customer well-being,” he asserts, was a compelling motivator for his leadership journey.

In today’s empowered customer landscape, leaders must evolve. For Matt, stepping into a leadership role at Etech was more than just strategic career advancement—it was a reflection of his values, aspirations and promise to service. His inspiration came from witnessing the tangible impact on customers and aligning personal values with achieving customer satisfaction and business success.

Leadership in the Digital Age

In the pursuit of success, Matt understands that growth and innovation are vital. He emphasizes, “Success is not only about achieving financial milestones but also about customer and employee satisfaction.” In Etech’s two decades of existence, Matt’s insights reveal that achieving growth and innovation hinges on a trifecta of elements—people, processes and technology.

Their journey began with a deep dive into understanding customer needs and concerns, ensuring tailored products and services. Matt underscores the importance of this customer-centric approach, stating, “Reducing customer effort and providing remarkable experiences” remains their primary goal.

Investing in technology is another key pillar. Etech embraces AI, automation, data analytics, and other modern tools to enhance both customer and employee experiences. Matt emphasizes that this technological edge also streamlines operations.

Yet, innovation is not limited to technology—it’s woven into the company’s DNA. Matt shares, “Our team members have always been encouraged to share ideas and try innovative approaches.” Regular brainstorming sessions and innovation challenges fuel their creative spirit.

Acknowledging the importance of their people, Etech ensures continuous motivation through reward and recognition ceremonies. Matt firmly believes that “no good work and great efforts should go unnoticed.”

For Etech, success is a harmonious blend of people, processes and technology. Matt says, “We balanced these three at any given time and this is what made us achieve every goal that we set for ourselves.” In this balance, Etech found its formula for lasting success.

From Niche to Nurtured

In the fast-paced realm of contemporary business, adaptability is paramount. Matt, being the CEO of Etech, attests to this, noting, “I understand the significance of mastering this agility.” At Etech, their prowess lies in crafting strategies tailored to diverse industry needs while unwaveringly upholding their overarching vision.

Etech Global Services has been on a relentless quest to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Matt elaborates on their multifaceted approach, encompassing customer engagement solutions, technology services, and quality assurance. Their mission is clear—elevate customer satisfaction, streamline operations and drive revenue growth.

Etech’s journey began as a simple outbound sales call center. Through the years, they’ve transformed into a strategic contact center with capabilities spanning voice, chat and digital customer engagement services, technology, custom software development, and comprehensive quality monitoring and analytics solutions.

Adaptation has been their constant companion, spurred by industry shifts, regulatory policies like the DNC and evolving customer behaviors. Matt highlights, “To stay ahead of the curve, Etech has welcomed all these transformations.” Their dedication to continuous improvement not only positions them as innovative strategic partners but also fosters unparalleled team member retention.

Leaders at Etech lead by example, prioritizing customer satisfaction and rallying their teams around the pursuit of exceeding customer expectations.

Customer-Centric Toolkit

Etech stands on the principles of servant leadership. As Matt emphasizes, these principles aren’t novel—they’ve stood the test of time for centuries. What sets servant leadership apart is its commitment to virtues like love, compassion, humility, and selflessness.

In the world of business, these virtues were once sidelined, but no longer. Matt vividly recalls his early days at Dun & Bradstreet, where traditional management teachings omitted lessons in humility and compassion. Yet, the greatest leaders in history, including Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and Mother Teresa, embedded these principles into their teachings. Even legendary coaches like Vince Lombardi and John Wooden championed them.

It took visionaries like Jack Welch, Herb Kelleher and Cheryl Bachelder to usher these principles into the corporate realm. Matt recognizes that today’s business landscape is changing rapidly. To compete for top talent in a global and fiercely competitive labor market, businesses must adapt.

The younger generation thrives in environments that shun autocratic “command and control” management. A recent poll by highlights this, with over 70% of Gen Y / Gen Z workers leaving their jobs due to a lack of support, flexibility, or meaning in their work.

At Etech, these are daily focal points. Matt says, “We must!” Their commitment to servant leadership isn’t just a philosophy—it’s a cornerstone of their thriving organizational culture.

Redefining Customer Experience Excellence

Etech’s vision stands as a guiding star, steering the company’s growth and strategic trajectory, making it a standout in the realm of customer experience. Matt encapsulates this essence, affirming, “Our vision doesn’t merely revolve around operating call centers; it’s much more profound than that.”

At Etech, customers are not just clients but esteemed partners. Their approach hinges on understanding every nuance of their partners’ pain points, challenges and dreams. It’s not merely about addressing issues—it’s about anticipating them and forging a dependable partnership. Matt asserts, “Our goal is to be their trusted advisors.”

Their vision transcends the realm of call centers. Etech envisions itself as an indispensable companion on its partners’ journey, offering guidance and solutions that not only resolve issues but prevent them from arising. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to craft a lasting impact.

Etech’s identity extends beyond that of a call center provider—they are trusted advisors who listen, understand and steer. Trust, transparency and expertise form the bedrock of their relationships. As they continue to grow and adapt, their vision remains the compass guiding them to craft extraordinary customer experiences and enduring partnerships.

Learning Never Ends

As the CEO of Etech Global Services, Matt recognizes the fundamental importance of continuous learning in effective leadership. He passionately declares, “In an ever-evolving business landscape, the pursuit of knowledge. drives me to remain agile, innovative and responsive.”

To stay at the forefront of industry developments, Matt embraces the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, affirming that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” His dedication to learning is palpable through his voracious reading habits, drawing inspiration from authors like John Maxwell, Michael Josephson and Angela Duckworth.

But Matt’s learning journey extends beyond books. He encourages others to never cease seeking knowledge, whether through seminars, subject expertise expansion, or advice from peers. Learning, for him, is an endless expedition.

Moreover, Matt places immense value on diverse professional relationships. Engaging in candid conversations with colleagues, industry peers and employees of all ranks fosters a culture of shared knowledge. These interactions offer real-time insights into market shifts, customer expectations and emerging challenges, shaping strategic decisions.

In the digital era, Matt leverages online resources, following blogs from industry leaders to stay informed about the future of the contact center and technology industry, upcoming technologies, market trends and economic aspects.

This commitment to continuous learning serves as a compass for Matt, ensuring that he remains well-informed about the latest industry trends and leadership best practices, enriching his leadership journey.

Innovate to Elevate

Innovation drives our success at Etech Global Services,” affirms CEO Matt. Their commitment to innovation extends beyond strategy—it’s a foundational mindset nurtured within the team.

Open communication and collaboration form the heart of Etech’s innovation culture. Matt believes that when individuals are empowered to voice their ideas freely, innovation thrives. Etech’s organizational structure encourages every team member, regardless of their position, to contribute ideas. Brainstorming sessions, cross-functional workshops and suggestion boxes provide fertile ground for collaborative innovation.

Etech’s dedication to nurturing innovation is evident in its support for professional growth and development. Matt proudly states, “We offer Tuition Reimbursement to employees seeking further education or training.” This not only fosters individual growth but also infuses the culture with fresh perspectives and insights.

Setting the Standard

As a leader,” Matt underscores, “it’s crucial to set a good example, ensuring my actions and decisions reflect our guiding principles.”

Leading by example is paramount for Matt and his executive team. They understand that their behavior sets the company’s tone, striving to align their actions with Etech’s vision and mission. This consistent alignment serves as a model for their entire team.

  • Open communication is central to their approach. Matt ensures the organization comprehends their vision and mission through regular updates and insights, fostering shared purpose and helping each team member see their contribution to Etech’s broader goals.
  • Empowerment is key. Matt believes in granting autonomy, promoting ownership and accountability. This approach generates collective momentum toward common goals.
  • Collaboration and inclusivity are integral. Matt actively seeks diverse perspectives, enriching decision-making and aligning with their mission of inclusivity and innovation.
  • A positive work environment is paramount to Matt. Positivity enhances culture, productivity and innovation. He encourages constructive collaboration, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives.

Ultimately, Matt aims to instill a leadership culture where everyone feels inspired and empowered to embody Etech’s vision and mission. Through these core values, he guides Etech Global Services toward its fullest potential, leaving a lasting impact.

Lessons in Leadership

Reflecting on his leadership journey, Matt shares invaluable lessons that transcend industries and career stages. He believes these insights can make a significant difference for leaders everywhere.

  • Matt underscores the Power of Listening, emphasizing that true leadership begins with attentive listening and valuing the input of the team. He acknowledges that initially, he thought he had all the answers, but an active engagement with feedback from his team brings insights, trust and collaboration.
  • He recognizes The Importance of Empathy, explaining that understanding his team’s feelings fosters a valued work environment, nurturing bonds and fueling success.
  • Transparency is another cornerstone of his leadership philosophy. Matt believes that sharing openly with the team builds trust, enhances communication and boosts productivity and cohesion.
  • He highlights the Benefits of Collaboration, emphasizing that combining strengths leads to remarkable outcomes, fostering innovation and shared success within a united team.
  • Matt underscores The Importance of Self-Care, realizing that it is necessary for effective leadership, not a luxury. It gives him the energy and strength to set a holistic example.
  • He emphasizes The Value of Continuous Learning, noting that staying updated in his field and improving his skills, including soft skills, makes him a better leader, ready to navigate changes with confidence.
  • Matt embraces The Importance of Feedback, both giving and receiving. This creates a culture of improvement, empowering his team and encouraging constant enhancement.
  • He believes in The Power of Positive Reinforcement, where noticing and celebrating achievements motivates the team, fostering a culture that values hard work and quality.
  • Matt highlights The Importance of Flexibility, emphasizing the need to adapt to change, embrace innovation and shift as needed to capitalize on opportunities despite industry shifts.
  • The Value of Trust is paramount, forming the core of leadership. It fosters accountability and collaboration, empowering the team for exceptional outcomes.
  • Matt considers The Principle of Servant Leadership the ultimate lesson. Prioritizing humility, valuing team members and focusing on their growth changed how he leads, fostering empowerment and collective success.

These lessons are Matt’s compass through the ups and downs of leadership, reminding him that strong leadership applies universally, inspiring growth and positive change.

Turning Disruption into Advantage

Innovation is our key to navigating industry disruption,” emphasizes Matt, recognizing its perpetual presence in today’s business landscape. Embracing innovation is not just a strategy for Etech but an inherent approach that ensures agility and adaptability in the face of potential disruptions.

Matt, as a leader, actively promotes this culture of innovation. He believes in demonstrating that innovation is a top priority for the organization, setting the tone for the entire company.

Etech places a strong emphasis on creating an environment where ideas are not only welcomed but actively sought after. Matt values the insights and suggestions of their call center employees, who interact with customers daily. Through regular team meetings, brainstorming sessions and suggestion platforms, they tap into the wellspring of creativity within their team while gaining a deeper understanding of evolving customer needs.

Moreover, Etech encourages team members to take calculated risks, fostering a “fail forward” culture where mistakes are seen as valuable learning opportunities. This approach ensures that innovation thrives and remains at the forefront of their response to industry disruption.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Success Story

Etech’s journey has been a remarkable evolution,” Matt reflects, emphasizing their enduring commitment to being a “Trusted Advisor” to clients. They began in 2003 as a call center specializing in outbound sales, selling Yellow Pages to remote customers. Since then, they’ve transformed into a comprehensive customer engagement, technology and insights partner, providing continuous improvement recommendations.

Key milestones in their journey include the 2008 fiscal crisis, during which they lost a major customer. Matt and the senior team made a tough decision, taking a pay cut to prevent laying off team members. This incident spurred innovation, diversification and the expansion of their portfolio.

Recognizing the need for technology solutions in the contact center space, they developed their own Live Chat & Ticketing solution, Etech’s ICE Chat & Email platform. They also embraced Artificial Intelligence for actionable insights in quality monitoring, leading to the creation of Etech Insights, a quality monitoring & analytics arm.

These milestones have diversified their portfolio, enabling Etech to support and guide their customers as a “Trusted Advisor.”