Cecilia Repinski: Remarkable Leader Promoting Sustainability

Cecilia Repinski | CEO & Founder | Green Assets Wallet
Cecilia Repinski | CEO & Founder | Green Assets Wallet

Achieving sustainable development in the world is possible with economic growth, environmental protection, and inclusiveness. Contributing to every field, women leaders play an important role in environmental protection by promoting a sustainable world. Many surveys also prove that women leaders are better at resolving sustainability issues. They are fighting against the challenge of climate change and want to create a better world for everyone. Cecilia Repinski is one such remarkable female leader who is putting her energy into facilitating sustainability-related agendas. As the CEO and Founder of Green Assets Wallet, she has always been passionate about a sustainable trajectory for life on Earth.

Recognizing Finance as the Catalyst for Real Change

Cecilia is an innovator and series entrepreneur. She is a well reputed sustainable finance and investment professional with 20+ years of experience from the finance and investment industry worldwide. She sees capital as the driving engine in the global economy. Cecilia believes that by directing capital flows towards real impact we can solve the USD100 trillion challenge to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals. That is why she founded Green Assets Wallet, to unleash global capital at scale for more prosperous and sustainable societies on Earth.

Mobilizing Capital Towards Decarbonized Economies

Green Assets Wallet is an impact intelligence platform for sustainable investors. It provides solutions that power the best user journey, enable high impact and provide societal returns through mobilized capital. Its platform serves issuers, investors, and validators of impact assets to generate quantifiable real at-scale impact. Green Assets Wallet acts as a catalyst to drive capital flows towards decarbonized, sustainable, and just societies and economies.

Contributing to a Better and Prosperous World

As a company that is in a phase of scaling up to the next level, Green Assets Wallet needs to be agile and adapt to the changing needs of the market. The space in sustainable finance comes with complex challenges such as changing regulation, market expansion, and the need for transparency and harmonized data. It originated from a collaboration of key leaders in the space, and its efforts have been directed towards establishing a link with key issuers, investors, and validators of impact assets.

On the awarded Green Assets Wallet platform, these actors can meaningfully interact as trusted partners around impact and data. Green Assets Wallet originated as a collaborative project with key leaders in the field of sustainable finance. Its impact intelligence platform is a win-win, as it helps market participants handle complex data, visualize impact, and communicate this to their stakeholders while remaining transparent and avoiding greenwashing.

Allocating Capital to Sustainable Projects

Green Assets Wallet is an impact-tech company. Its platform is a true fintech innovation that sets a new standard in impact reporting. It provides a collaborative space for key actors to engage and build trust around impact. It also provides the innovation required in areas such as finding sustainable projects, allocating capital, and reporting on impact for true, at-scale, net zero aligned climate impact. Green Assets Wallet provides a complementary but dramatically different approach to how it reports on impact from the one taken conventionally by institutional investors and issuers to date. It saves time for everyone and injects the quality and trust needed for making more impact assets investible. Essentially, Green Assets Wallet is the world’s first digital platform for validating labeled bonds and reporting on societal impact.

Ensuring Investments Lead to Real-World Positive Results

The world faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change, population growth, and resource scarcity. Climate change is the defining challenge of current times, closely interlinked to other global challenges. The need for governments, financial institutions, and corporations to address climate change is well-known. However, current disclosure of climate change strategies, the incomplete assessment of climate risks, and inconsistent corporate data on transition paths raise questions about whether current efforts are enough to halt the crisis. Significantly improved transparency is key to building the trust needed between impact projects and investors to support market scaling and ensure that the investments lead to real-world positive results.

Ensuring Accountability, Compliance, and Transparency

The main challenges ahead are compliance and transparency. First, how can companies, investors, issuers, banks, and others comply with sustainable regulations such as the EU Taxonomy for sustainable finance? Second, how can companies move away from ESG (environment, social, and governance) as a buzzword to actual measurable and transaprent impact? The industry needs to walk the talk. It all comes down to quality, magnitude, and timeliness of impact. Cecilia thinks financial access for positive value creation will be unlimited and powered by technology in the future.

Seeing Failure as Learning Experiences

Cecilia advises budding entrepreneurs to listen to themselves and believe in their ideas. “There is no failure in mistakes; they are learning experiences. And remember to celebrate your successes, these small celebrations are important too!”