Chatbots and Online Shopping Experience


Chatbots and Online Shopping Experience

As businesses require more effective strategies to drive awareness with their target audiences, techniques also need to evolve with the ever-changing state of marketing. During the days of TV and radio, marketing wasn’t as challenging, and businesses could effectively reach their target audiences without much effort.

However, with the advent of new companies, numerous platforms came into the competition. It became much more challenging for businesses to reach their audiences as companies competed for that space. To gain more awareness with your target customer, Chatbots is worth considering for your business.

In an era where marketers are always searching for effective ways to promote their brands, chatbots are Artificial Intelligence an effective way to get in front of the people. Chatbots provide a better way for businesses to interact with their consumers and businesses to target their potential consumers with personalized advertisements.

As millions of companies are already using these apps for communication, these messaging tools have become an effective way for organizations to enhance their shopping experience for customers.

With the advent of chatbot digital assistants, the ability to search for information on the internet has changed drastically, and they have become a game-changer for all people. The Four best practices when it comes to website chatbots to ensure they add the value while not annoying the website visitors:

Timing: Timing is critical; nobody likes being bombarded with pop-ups when they open up a website. Visitors need to get a glance at the website to get a feel of your services before they receive a pop-up form/customer support/chatbot that asks to take action.

Alternatively, it should not take too much time before a form appears, as by then, it might be too late, and people might have already left your website. While there is no exact science behind the timing of customer experience form, it is advised to keep the delay of 8-60 seconds timeframe.

Frequency: Another aspect is how frequent the notifications will be. Too much of anything is of no good. That means, regardless of how enticing and valuable your chatbots and forms can be for prospective clients and too many of them will act as a turn-off rather than as an incentive.

Additionally, the more customer experience forms and chatbots you display on the website, the more challenges you put between the customer and your services. The chatbots should not block or act as an obstacle during the shopping checkout process. In this case, you can limit it to one form per web page to ensure it does not repeat itself and set it not to display for the same user for a specific amount of time.

Target Your Audience: Holding a customer’s interest is an arduous task in this day and age. That is why defining a target audience and subsequently personalizing the promotional message is essential. Customers like to feel special, especially when they are on the receiving end of communication with brands.

Tailor your chatbots/forms to feel unique and personal for different segments of your customers. For example, if you have a customer visiting from a foreign nation, offer special discounts for people from that country’s IP addresses. Alternatively, make other chatbots for return customers to incentivize them to repeat business with you.

Design: Poor design of chatbots and ads can make them look like spam and viruses. A simple design can do wonders for your chatbot by making them look professional and not spam-related. It is also essential to design your chatbot to resemble the general appearance and feel of your brand/website. Fortunately, there are a lot of applications and services that offer complete chatbots/forms creation and customization.


Website chatbots have gone a long way to transform into a shopping lead generation and benefit your business in unimaginable ways. These digital assistants can help increase your conversion sales rate and increase user engagement on the website. If you follow the above steps outlined, you will soon start to see your conversion rate rising and shopping engagement on your website increase.