Cloud Computing Giant Acquires a Conversational AI Startup

Cloud Computing

California-based cloud computing company, ServiceNow has announced that it has acquired a conversational AI platform, Passage AI, that assists its clients to build chatbots which are capable to interact in multiple languages, at undisclosed terms.

This acquisition with Passage AI, ServiceNow got a huge count of AI talent along with AI technology which is expected to be fit in delightfully with the mission of the company. ServiceNow got facilitated to respond customer’s inquiry in automated way with the help of Passage AI’s chatbot solutions.

According to the ServiceNow’s website post, “Passage includes an IT automation component that uses a conversational interface to submit tickets, handle queries, and take direct action through APIs.” Passage AI has also added an HR automation piece through which ServiceNow can imply an intelligent tool with multiple languages across its Now Platform’s Virtual Agent and Service Portal along with its workspace.

Debu Chatterjee, the Senior Director of AI Engineering at ServiceNow states, “Building deep learning, conversational AI capabilities into the Now Platform will enable a work request initiated in German or a customer inquiry initiated in Japanese to be solved by Virtual Agent. Passage AI’s technology will enable us to accelerate our vision of empowering great employee and customer experiences by delivering great workflow experiences. ServiceNow believes in making work flow more smoothly across the enterprise, in all major languages.

Passage AI has revealed that it had raised $10.3 million in private funding over two rounds previously. The company has a variety of large customers including Mercedes Benz, MasterCard, SoftBank, and Shell. Before a week of this deal, Passage AI has acquired Loom Systems, the another AI-focused startup that focuses on automating operations data.

The new deal has been expected to be closed at the end of this quarter.