CMIC,Inc.: A Global Contract Laboratory Organization

Mike Suga | President & CEO | CMIC, Inc.
Mike Suga | President & CEO | CMIC, Inc.

Bioanalysis has evolved over the years and often it is being used in clinical and other pharmaceutical-related studies. Bioanalytical services include method development, method transfer, method qualification, method validation, cross-validation and sample analysis. These services are critical elements when it comes to the development of pharmaceuticals. With over 30 years of experience, leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) and a provider specialized, in bioanalytical services CMIC, Inc. researchers provide cutting-edge expertise in small and large molecule bioanalysis in order to optimize drug development for pharmaceutical companies. The company offers bioanalysis for nonclinical and clinical projects, both GLP and non-GLP, to meet critical drug development milestones. Its GLP compliant state-of-the-art facility can accommodate quick turnaround and high-volume projects from around the country.

In an interview with CIO LOOK, the President and CEO of CMIC, Inc. Mike Suga, helps us study changing drug development environment with professional scientists and improving the company’s expertise through training and continuing education while performing as specialists in the industry.

Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Mike Suga and CIO LOOK:

What led to the inception of the company? 

CMIC, Inc. originated from CMIC Group, which the very first and largest Contract Research Organization (CRO) and also the top bioanalysis lab in Japan. It was established as a strategic cornerstone for CMIC Group’s North America growth.

Describe your company and its cutting-edge solutions which address all the needs of your customers?

We have been the leading bioanalysis CRO in oligonucleotide therapeutics (Oligo) for several years now. Even before Oligo, we have 30+ years of experience in conventional small molecule and are also significantly expanding our capabilities in large molecule and biomarker.

Could you throw some light on your mission and vision statement? 

CMIC has the vision to provide a solution service called “Pharmaceutical Value Creator” (PVC) that encompass an entire value-chain of pharmaceutical companies, not only on CRO, but also on manufacturing, sales, and marketing service solutions.

How do your services differ from the other companies’ offerings? 

We are the leading bioanalysis CRO in oligonucleotide therapeutics (Oligo) as well as very flexible and agile with quick turn-around time, which is not possible by large CROs.

What marketing activities do you implement to reach out to your potential customers? 

CMIC, Inc. together with the rest of CMIC Group has, several scientific publications and whitepapers and several webinars either already implemented or planned.

How do you cope up with the volatile technological changes in the market to make your solutions resourceful? 

CMIC’s “CREED” as corporate philosophy is consisting of Wellbeing, Challenge, Change and Communication (W&3Cs). We apply these items to continuously evolve ourselves in line with market changes and voices of customers.

What are your company’s future aspirations? What strategies are you undertaking to achieve those goals? 

By further expanding from the current “Pharmaceutical Value Creator” (PVC) business model, we have an aspiration to become a “Personal Healthcare Value Creator” (PHVC) to contribute for and to address to the up-coming personalized medicine and individual patient quality of life.

About the leader 

With 30+ years of experience across biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life sciences industry, and medical device areas, Mike Suga has been assuming CMIC. Inc.’s President role since 2015. He earned bachelor and master’s degrees in agricultural biosciences from the University of Tokyo. Prior joining CMIC, he was the Deputy General Manager of GE Healthcare’s CT/MRI contrast media in vivo diagnostics and PET/SPECT radiopharmaceuticals division in Japan and was responsible for establishing a new pharmaceutical operation reporting into GE Healthcare’s U.K Headquarters.

He and other leadership team members, with 15 to 25+ years of the industry experience, are helping the company to grow and address the bioanalysis CRO needs from mid-to-small/bio venture clients who were not well served by other large-scale CROs. He together with the current leadership team also competed strategic facility investment in 2017, leveraged by CMIC’s new U.S. client base expansion after business integration.

Mike is based in Chicago, while he also serves as Senior Vice President of CMIC HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., reporting directly to CMIC Group’s Tokyo Headquarters. He started his 30-year’s professional career as tissue culture and genomics scientists at JT genetic engineering lab and later spent 5 years in New York and San Francisco as JT’s recombinant DNA business development manager. “As CMIC, Inc., we will accelerate our growth of services in North America and most importantly better aligns with our overall vision to bring value with each client interaction,” Says Mike Suga.