Collaborator: How Can You Use It for PR?


If you Haven’t Used the PR Distribution Marketplace Collaborator to Promote Your Business Online Yet, Now is The Right Time to Start.

Familiarize yourself with the platform and benefit from its use. The platform makes life easier for marketers, SEO specialists, or even online business owners. It can help to increase visibility, drive organic traffic, and improve your company’s image. You can use it to expand your business and reach your target audience. Along with this outcome, you will get more organic traffic to your website as well. This factor affects SEO significantly.

Collaborator connects advertisers with website owners to share company news, stories, and case studies for convenient business promotion.

Imagine you promote a cosmetics brand and want to demonstrate a new product’s advantages to a broad audience. The fashion blogs and beauty-themed sites you can find in the catalog are very helpful in this case. Create content, post tasks, and enjoy great results.

Benefits of Using Collaborator for PR

To begin with, we will talk about why you need the Collaborator platform for PR. Recall how a regular PR works. Previously, advertisers spent much time finding relevant websites with suitable authority to publish press releases. Identifying, checking, filtering sites, and reaching the web admins were necessary.

Collaborator has done it all for you. The platform gives you access to a large number of reliable sites that have undergone strict moderation before being added to the catalog.

Key advantages of the platform:

  • 28,087 sites in the open catalog, and this number is increasing every day.
  • Checking of websites by 40+ parameters.
  • Integration with Ahrefs and Serpstat.
  • The website’s audience geography is confirmed by Google Analytics.
  • Platforms on various topics – 32 in total.
  • Convenient filter for quick search.
  • Useful feedback from users.
  • Detailed information on each site.
  • Informative reports for monitoring campaign performance.
  • Transparent pricing and low service commission.
  • An efficient support team is ready to advise on any issues.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 75%+ of the projects are completed in 48 hours.

Cooperation with this platform effectively saves you time and effort. You will no longer have to manually search for websites to post press releases, spending hours and even days on this. Isn’t that great? PR with Collaborator is simple, safe, reliable, and profitable. You will be able to expand the target audience and significantly improve your site’s SEO indicators.

We include a simple and convenient interface among the essential advantages of the platform. Working with the platform is stress-free. It does not require special skills and knowledge. The system provides informative and helpful tips at every step, from signing up to monitoring campaign results.

Step 1. Signing Up

To start benefiting from the service, you must first go through a simple registration procedure. Enter your personal and contact data. Carefully choose the currency in which you plan to make payments. Please note that you cannot change this parameter later.

If you plan to post press releases and articles, register as an advertiser. After logging in, pay attention to the left field of the system. The platform shows how much you use its functionality. Don’t limit yourself. Aim for 100%. The Collaborator provides step-by-step instructions.

Step 2. Creating a Project

Create your first project. Go to the My Projects tab. Here, you will see complete information about your current projects. You can also add new ones. Click on the Add Project button. Now, you need to enter the following data:

  • Promoted website URL;
  • Project name;
  • Theme;
  • Special topics
  • Country;
  • The task for the publisher.

You can add up to 50 anchors per press release. Don’t forget to describe the task for the publisher in detail. After filling in all the fields, click Create Project.

Step 3. Searching for Relevant Websites

Once you create your first project, go to the catalog and search for relevant websites to publish your content. Don’t worry about getting lost in more than 28,000 sites. The Collaborator has simplified users’ work as much as possible by creating an intelligent filter based on various parameters. Filters by topic and country are the most common. In addition, you can filter sites by rating, Google Index, type, age, etc.

The advertiser has all the information about websites that may be needed when choosing a resource for publication. Before selecting a website, we recommend paying particular attention to the following data:

  • Traffic per month;
  • Geography of traffic;
  • Site language;
  • Domain rating (DR);
  • Type of site;
  • Placement speed;
  • Requirements for advertising posts.

Let’s look at an example of choosing the proper resource for publishing a press release. Imagine you are operating in the applications development field. You just entered the market. You have a new site with minimal traffic. How do you tell a broad audience about yourself? The Collaborator is here to help. You have two options. Compose an article on a related topic; for example, tell what factors affect the development cost or describe the process. The second option is creating a press release about your company and your implemented projects.

Suppose you have prepared the material. Now, it’s time to look for sites. Using the filter, select the desired Electronics and technology topic and region, for example, USA. Inspirationfeed is the perfect image in your case. This site gets good organic traffic from the area you are interested in. Analyze the information about this site and proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Publication of the Press Release or Article

All that you have to do now is publish your content. Click the Add to Cart button and place your order. Additionally, you can buy three months of free insurance from Collaborator to protect your press release or article from de-indexing or removal. Your material will be published soon.

Final Thoughts

Stop wasting precious time on monotonous things like searching for websites to post your press releases and articles on. Use PR distribution marketplace Collaborator instead to make your work more productive and beneficial. Among thousands of sites, you will find the ones that are suitable for your specific project and will be able to achieve online success.