Connecting Commerce and Community: Bishop Brothers’ Vision for Growth and Social Contribution

Bishop Brothers’
Bishop Brothers’

Chad Bishop is a forward-thinking entrepreneur and the proud Franchise Owner of InXpress Calgary. In the intricacies of commerce, Chad’s journey is the one about the commitment to redefining business norms. Fueled by a vision to elevate InXpress’s prominence in the market, Chad, along with his business partner and brother Garret, has steered their enterprise towards becoming the preferred choice for businesses.

Their story is one of evolution and growth, marked by a strategic shift in Garret’s role to spearhead daily operations. The trajectory of role shifts exemplifies resilience and adaptability, encapsulating the essence of their pursuit. Beyond business aspirations, Chad envisions InXpress as a socially responsible entity, actively engaging in community initiatives and sponsorship endeavors. He has implemented and actively championed sponsorship initiatives and impactful community projects for the same cause.

Chad is distinguished by a unique set of qualities and specialties that contribute to his success in the competitive business landscape. He combines strategic acumen with a hands-on approach, effectively navigating challenges and fostering a dynamic work environment.

Chad’s adeptness in cultivating meaningful connections stands out, fostering strong relationships with clients and partners alike. His approachability and dedication to customer satisfaction are key factors that have propelled the franchisee’s growth. Moreover, Chad’s visionary mindset is evident in his proactive initiatives to stay ahead of industry trends.

Let’s explore Chad’s commitment to both business excellence and positive societal impact!

Building Success Against All Odds

Garret and Chad embarked on their work journey from a young age, shaped by the profound influence of their mother. Left to raise three boys alone after their father’s untimely death when they were merely six and nine, she instilled in them a resilient work ethic that became the cornerstone of their lives.

In the absence of a paternal figure, they found male role models in coaches, teachers and employers. Their guidance propelled them through various occupational stages, evolving from laborers to managers, then advancing to sales roles and eventually becoming franchise owners. Each step brought new challenges, but they embraced them as opportunities to grow.

A crucial lesson they internalized was that effective management involves more than giving instructions; it demands active participation and a willingness to engage in the tasks at hand. Their journey reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and an embodiment of the values instilled in them by their resilient single mother.

Resilience and Growth

In 2017, the franchise journey unfolded after Chad and Garret attended a franchise show. Uncertain about their specific aspirations but clear about what they wanted to avoid, they opted against brick-and-mortar establishments and inventory, citing concerns about economic fluctuations. InXpress captured their interest by offering a business platform characterized by low overhead and minimal royalties. The appeal was further heightened by the array of training opportunities provided, ranging from InXpress University to Boot Camp and mentorship programs.

With dual ownership, their roles evolved significantly over the years. Chad shares, “Garret came in to run daily operations in 2020, after being a silent partner and        selling his interest in another business.” It was a hard start, with an easy lesson. The initial phase was challenging, imparting a valuable lesson in resilience—cultivate a thick skin, persist in the face of rejection while demonstrating personal and professional success.

Recognizing the potential longevity of this venture, they envisioned it as a means to secure financial stability well into their later years. Their initial goal was creating a sustainable and enduring business model that not only met the needs of businesses but also provided a reliable source of income for the long term.

Their franchise, starting with modest revenue in the inaugural year, burgeoned into a substantial enterprise, exceeding $1,000,000.00 in its sixth year. Noteworthy achievements included winning the Top Gun award for margin growth in the second year and securing the Best Retention accolade in the fourth year. Spring of 2022 marked a pivotal moment as they committed to another five years, signifying a renewal of their franchise agreement. This exemplifies a trajectory from humble beginnings to sustained success, underscored by their perseverance, adaptability and strategic decision-making.

Innovating Logistics

In their entrepreneurial venture, Garret and Chad were driven by a vision to address the perceived gaps in the logistics industry—namely, better prices and superior customer service for businesses. Their foray into the InXpress opportunity was not just a business endeavor but a strategic move to establish a passive income revenue stream.

Economical Shipping, Superior Service

Their core business philosophy centers around delivering Economical Shipping Solutions, with a primary focus on being viewed by customers as an extension of their businesses. The overarching goal is to provide a superior customer service experience, aiming to be the trusted partner that facilitates the growth of their clients’ enterprises. Through their services, they aspire to empower customers to expand their businesses by creating new revenue streams and confidently entering marketplaces that may have been previously inaccessible or approached with hesitancy. This commitment reflects a strategic approach that not only emphasizes cost-effective shipping but also positions the company as an integral enabler of clients’ business expansion and market exploration.

From Values to Victory

Hard work, accountability and self-motivation are ingrained values for Garret and Chad, constituting as the bedrock of their work ethos. In terms of their work culture, the brothers aspire to foster a familial atmosphere, aiming for both customers and employees to feel like integral members of their extended family. Their approach involves providing support and guidance when needed, extending respect to customers irrespective of their size or stature. By merging the InXpress training plan with the Bishop resolve, they have seamlessly translated these principles into action resulting in tangible success. The synthesis of structured training and inherent values has shaped their professional journey and furthermore contributed to a thriving work environment that values relationships and principles.

Customer-Centric Excellence

At the core of their robust presence lies a commitment to unparalleled customer service. Being the proprietors, Garret and Chad attribute their firm foothold to dedication to accountability. Operating with a customer-centric approach, they ensure responsiveness at all times, promptly addressing calls and emails—even during evenings, weekends, or holidays. This steadfast commitment to service excellence has become the cornerstone of their success.

Renowned for their personalized approach, this business stands out as a preferred choice, allowing customers to connect a face with the enterprise. The owners themselves handle customer inquiries, ensuring a direct and engaging interaction as Chad notes the same, “We are a preferred choice because our customers can put a face to the business.”

InXpress places a strong emphasis on customer service, fostering continued engagement. Previous forays by customers into competitor services have been common, yet many return, underscoring the pivotal role of exemplary customer service. While competitive pricing is a factor, the business recognizes that customer satisfaction is a multifaceted endeavor acknowledging that a personable and attentive touch is equally indispensable.

Logistical Intricacies

In the pursuit of expanding their customer base, Garret and Chad face significant challenges, primarily centered around the intricacies of logistics. Convincing potential clients to switch their shipping affiliations proves arduous and therefore demanding substantial time and energy. The complexity of logistics as a crucial facet of a company’s profile adds to the difficulty.

Additionally, a notable roadblock involves the recruitment of suitable employees who seamlessly integrate into the day-to-day operations. These challenges underscore the formidable tasks both of them navigate as they strive to overcome obstacles in customer acquisition and workforce management.

Balancing Growth and Stability

In their pursuit of excellence, Garret and Chad aspire to elevate their InXpress franchise within Canada as well as across the global InXpress network. Their vision extends beyond personal success aiming to create employment opportunities for others and ensuring the efficient operation of customer service and sales departments. By delegating these responsibilities, they plan to focus on refining business processes, promoting their product and expanding verticals for existing clients. This strategic approach is seen as a means to establish a sustained stream of passive income while fostering financial stability for their team embodying a commitment to both personal and professional growth.

Setting the Standard

In their forward-thinking approach, Garret and Chad attribute their success to meticulous planning, enabling them to navigate and adapt to market dynamics effectively. Recognizing the over-saturation of social media and automated telephone prompts, they prioritize providing a distinctive in-person experience. Their commitment to personalized interactions stems from the understanding that customers seek a dedicated partner who respects their business.

Timely issue resolution is a key tenet, and often, new customers express surprise at the rarity of a live response and the high-quality service they receive—a refreshing departure from industry norms. Garret and Chad’s customer-centric philosophy sets them apart in a crowded market while also addressing the long-standing need for genuine, responsive service.

Building Communities with Business

Engaging in the annual tradition of ‘InXpress Gives Back,’ the franchise actively supports diverse charitable campaigns identified by the corporate office. These initiatives extend goodwill to various individuals without charge. Past endeavors included landscaping a school in an underprivileged area, crafting Christmas cards for veterans and offering low-cost shipping services to a national golf association as part of their ‘Take a Kid to Course‘ campaign. The commitment to philanthropy underscores their dedication to making a positive impact on communities and reflects the ethos of social responsibility embedded in their franchise’s values.

Paving the Path

Their objective centers on enhancing InXpress’s visibility, aiming to position it as a prominent choice in the market. Garret and Chad aspire to foster continued business growth, envisioning InXpress as the preferred option for enterprises. Their broader vision extends to establishing the franchise as a socially responsible entity, actively contributing to the community through sponsorships and impactful community initiatives.