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Andrea Bloom | Founder & CEO | ConnectWell
Andrea Bloom | Founder & CEO | ConnectWell

Studies shows that 8 out of 10 people search for health information on the Internet. But the chances of that information being appropriate are low. This can lead to results that are full of misinformation, bias from medical advertisers, and unsupported or misleading health claims. Taking this dilemma into consideration, a mission-based company, ConnectWell was formed. ConnectWell is a leadingedge provider of digital health and wellness content that is academically sourced and designed to engage a consumer audience in their total health and well-being.

A Holistic Consumer Digital Health Experience

An inceptive mind behind ConnectWell is Andrea Bloom, the Founder and CEO of the company. As a child of a physician, Andrea’s exposure to the field of healthcare from an early age became a springboard for her career and passion for helping people achieve wellbeing. After receiving her BA from UC Berkeley and MBA from Harvard Business School, Andrea started her career in healthcare at Johnson and Johnson’s diabetes division in Silicon Valley. This is where she developed skills in educating people with type 2 diabetes on how they could successfully manage their disease through healthy eating and increased physical activity.

Andrea realized that many people were exposed to healthy lifestyle practices only after they were diagnosed with a chronic condition. Most people have an opportunity to prevent, delay, and reduce the severity of chronic diseases if they have ongoing access to a trusted, comprehensive source of information that engages them to be more proactive in preventing disease and adopting healthy habits.

Observing these trends, Andrea founded ConnectWell, and shifted her focus from disease management to wellness. Behind this effort, Andrea assembled a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of subject matter experts in different areas of wellness. She built a team of talented, experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds who could hit the ground running and work in an entrepreneurial and collaborative environment. Together they created and deployed consumer-oriented wellness programming in the areas of healthy eating, physical activity, stress management, sleep, and maternal health.

Andrea could see the digital revolution unfolding and that it would soon impact the healthcare industry. The ability to scale health information for easy access, anytime and anywhere, was about to explode. In 2017, ConnectWell formed a partnership with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, a pioneer in providing evidence-based wellness information, to digitize and disseminate their vast collection of health and wellness publications. ConnectWell’s lifestyle-focused content and UC Berkeley’s condition management content was the perfect combination to create a holistic consumer digital health experience. This partnership enables the company to serve large communities and cross socioeconomic and geographic boundaries through a wide range of digital health platforms, ensuring access to the most trusted source of health and wellness content.


A Comprehensive Content Suite

ConnectWell works with a broad array of healthcare providers, health engagement platforms, medical device companies, benefit providers, and employers that license and integrate content into their platform experience. These companies can now deliver on the promise of improving the health of those they serve by integrating the ConnectWell Health and Wellness Content Suite as part of their services.

The Content Suite has 3 areas that are complementary in supporting total health and well-being:

Health & Wellness Digital Library: Extensive coverage of health, wellness, and disease topics from A to Z. Wellness Initiatives:

Wellness education with strategies and tools to help in the adoption of healthy lifestyle practices. Healthy Recipe Collection:

Healthy recipes that are tasty, easy to make, and made from whole foods and healthy ingredients.

UCTV video presentations from University of California experts that reinforce content matter are woven throughout the content suite to enhance the user experience. As English is not always the primary language for many people across the U.S., ConnectWell has made content available in all of the “threshold” languages recommended by Medicare and Medicaid. A multi-language approach enables ConnectWell customers to activate “underserved” communities. Content is optimized for all device screen sizes so that whether an end user is using a computer at home or a smartphone on-the-go, they can access content.

Enabling People to Make Informed Health Decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how people prioritize and engage in their health and interact with the healthcare system. Virtual care models are key factors to engaging people in their health and wellbeing. Accessible, accurate, current, expertly vetted health information from a trusted source is critical so people can make informed health decisions. In December 2020, ConnectWell launched an interactive digital health tools offering with Outgrow, an interactive content company. These tools focus on innovative ways to prompt people in managing their health. Critical to managing a health condition is knowing one has it in the first place. For the 50% of people in the U.S. who have high blood pressure, and 88% of people with pre-diabetes not knowing they have the condition, it is key to engage people with virtual health tools and pull them into the “care funnel”.

ConnectWell customers can easily integrate these tools into their “digital front door” to engage the people they serve in their health. The initial launch included tools for 11 underlying health conditions that make people more vulnerable if they get COVID-19. The company is now building out tools that address cancer.

On the Cutting-edge of the Well-being Dividend

With its digital health content, ConnectWell provides anywhere, anytime access to validated information that is current, actionable, and comes from a credible independent source. The company enables people to be a partner in their own care. Besides, ConnectWell is proud and excited to be on the cutting edge of the “well-being” dividend which is not just about reducing healthcare costs, but also about improving quality of life and expanding longevity.

Satisfied Clientele

“The CardioVisual team has had the pleasure of working alongside ConnectWell to help raise awareness for coronary heart disease. The collaborative efforts have led to the development and dissemination of a coronary heart disease risk assessment and knowledge tool. We reached a global audience with over 60,000 impressions, emphasizing how important heart disease prevention is—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. These interactive digital health tools co-developed by ConnectWell and Outgrow encompass a total learning package for patients—beginning with assessment and continuing with tailored educational content. These tools provide the foundation for improving patient outcomes and creating a healthier world!”– Shannon Goldrick RN, Senior Manager Partnerships & Campaigns and Clinical Education, MedicalVisual.

“Silicon Harlem’s commitment to digital literacy finds its partner in ConnectWell’s commitment to health literacy. We believe everyone needs a connection. No matter where you live, you should have access to affordable internet and essential health information. Together ConnectWell and Silicon Harlem can bridge the digital divide and health divide in underserved communities.”– Clayton Banks, CEO, Silicon Harlem

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