Could remote working be the new normal?

Could Remote working be New Normal
Remote Working

Could remote working be the new normal?

Things seemed to be falling apart during the Covid-19 pandemic with humans running helter-skelter to save their lives. In hindsight, a year under lockdowns, we are sure to have figured out that things weren’t falling apart but falling in place for the advent of a new order, especially in the world of employment, enterprise, and remote working.

Remote working or work from home. It was always there on the horizon with humanity paying scant heed. Until the day came when going to an office was nothing short of entering hell. In the ensuing year under lockdown worldwide of varying durations, humanity discovered its most prized secret that was always there in plain sight of everyone to see, admire and use.

Working from a remote location(s). Work from home. Remote location. And so on. It’s got as many names as it has advantages, some pretty solid ones which from the looks of it, would surely see it being used for quite some time in the future. We tell you of all the reasons remoting working could just be the new normal.

  • Reverse migration, and the even spread of employment.
    Jobs were always the greatest magnates to get folks from villages and smaller towns to the big, bad cities. Good money and ready employment meant cities, especially in developing countries became overcrowded, filthy, pollution-ridden, but rife with employment. Remote working has taken the air out of this un-necessarily enlarged balloon of employability. And with that thankfully, the stresses on a city’s infrastructure.
    Smaller cities may still be short on jobs but with some semblance of internet speeds, there is every indication of the same jobs being taken away to smaller and more remote locations. Within the cities themselves, remote working is said to be reducing pressures of dedicated office spaces and industrial areas. In times to come, this could flatten and spread the idea of employment to the farthest corners of a country, reverse migration, and spread the good times!
  • Increase in the pool of employable talent.
    Working from any place other than an office environment provides an essential and invisible shield that can be a saviour for those who could find it difficult to handle normal office pressures. This could include the old, the infirm, those with disabilities, and the queer from the LGBT community. While they could have great skills, their obvious physical disqualifications could hamper so-called ‘office decorum’. These besides, remote working can also get organization employees from anywhere on the globe given that distances, be in the vicinity or across the globe, would be irrelevant and on the same plane.
  • Cost-saving!
    Remote working provides great savings to both employees and employers. Brick-and-mortar means rent, upkeep, administration and the likes which can be cut down severely, and spread across employees by providing them better systems, and remote working infrastructure. For employees too, it brings savings in the form of almost negligible need to travel, dressing, food, going out and so on. All this gets converted into more time for the family and for one’s own interests and hobbies.
  • Work from the most comfortable place and be productive!
    Productivity increases in pyjamas! Productivity also increases in the absence of pesky office politics. With time on hands to set one’s own timetable, in most cases, employees are said to have increased productivity when they work from home. Also, productivity has little to do with office timing, dress code and gossip. Productivity has to do with work, wherever it takes place from- even if it’s from the corner of one’s bedroom!
  • Zero need to give up employment!
    A sizable number of folks leave employment as the latter does not suit them due to office strictures. Taking care of the young, the elderly, taking care of one’s own health etc. are inadvertent incidents that put an end to happening employments. With remote working, one can say goodbye to most of those situations and work through any ‘home-bound crises like it never existed.

In hindsight, the concept of an office, and working in such an environment belongs to those times when communication deemed being right at the ‘source’ to derive the most. With technology stretching the ‘source’ in unimaginable forms, ways and distances, the concept of an office too seem to be going the same way.

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