Dr. CA Tse: Shaping Future Minds with Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. CA Tse | Vice Chairman of 21st-century Education Symposium
Dr. CA Tse | Vice Chairman of 21st-century Education Symposium

Dr. CA Tse, Vice Chairman of the 21st-century Education Symposium, is emerging as a stalwart visionary in the vibrant core of Hong Kong’s education transformation. Within the dynamic interplay of education, social philanthropy, business, and government sectors, Dr. CA has made remarkable strides towards creating a transformative impact. He is the Founder of the Social Entrepreneurship School Education (SEnSE) Program, an example of experiential learning and driving positive change. Fuelled by his passion, he has directed a collaboration of entrepreneurship, social care, and innovation, empowering over 50,000 young minds across 360 schools.

In the realm of academia, Dr. CA is a luminary. His ink graces platforms like AM730 and Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ) elucidating social entrepreneurship, innovative education and youth transformation. His publications, including “The Creative Revolution of the Social Enterprise,” echo his profound wisdom. But Dr. CA’s influence isn’t confined to the written word. His brainchild, the 21st Century Education Symposium, stands as an embodiment of his collaborative spirit. With accolades such as the Outstanding Leadership Award and Visionaries Award, Dr. CA is a force shaping the future of education.

Let’s discover the transformative power of education with Dr. CA Tse and how he is shaping a future where innovation, social care and entrepreneurship converge!

Journey from Humble Beginnings to Transformative Impact

Dr. CA is a resilient individual from humble origins in the bustling cityscape of Hong Kong. He has carved an extraordinary path toward transforming lives and driving positive changes in the society. Raised amidst challenges, the prospect of academic achievement once seemed distant. However, a pivotal moment volunteering in rural areas ignited his passion for societal change. “Witnessing lives in rural communities made me contemplate true happiness beyond material wealth,” he recalls.

Guided by compassionate mentors and armed with a fierce determination, Dr. CA delved into Cultural and Religious Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, challenging norms and amplifying marginalized voices. His academic journey was a mission to empower others. “I wanted to create an ideal society and address the struggles of the marginalized,” he shares.

Driven by this vision, Dr. CA immersed himself in social entrepreneurship, a paradigm that illuminated a practical path to his ideals. Through his visionary initiative, the Social Entrepreneurship School Education (SEnSE) Program, which started with humble beginnings, Dr. CA witnessed remarkable growth, accumulating over HKD 50 million in resources and becoming a significant force in the field. Dr. CA is inspiring others to believe in the power of their dreams, reminding everyone that change starts with a single, determined soul.

Crafting Continuity

Under Dr. CA’s guidance, the SEnSE Program has developed into a transformative force over the past decade, embracing an inclusive approach to education. Driven by a holistic vision, the Program stands tall on four sturdy pillars, catering to children and youth across the city:

  • Entrepreneurship:We empower youth to become social entrepreneurs,” says Dr. CA. The Program provides practical training, seed funding, coaching, peer mentorship, and co-working spaces nurturing innovative minds from youths.
  • Mentorship: Guiding each entrepreneur, mentors play vital roles as experts, companions and motivators ensuring support throughout their journey.
  • Education: The Program integrates social entrepreneurship into the local curriculum equipping youth with essential skills and fostering a culture of innovation from primary school to tertiary education.
  • Internship: Recognizing the value of hands-on experience, the Program offers real-world learning opportunities. Dr. CA believes essential competencies are best acquired through practical application, emphasizing character, citizenship, critical thinking and problem-solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Looking ahead, the Program’s visionary approach integrates social innovation into local education. Dr. CA’s paradoxical thinking, balancing business acumen with a human-centred approach drives this evolution. Collaborative efforts, embracing global insights and local experiences steer the Program towards a future where education is not just a system but a dynamic, adaptable force, preparing generations for the challenges of tomorrow.

Sparks of Impact

Through the SEnSE Program, Dr. CA and his team have achieved remarkable milestones, leaving an indelible mark on the community:


  • Developed 360+ social entrepreneurship ideas and transformed them into impactful projects.
  • Secured HKD 19,000,000 funding for young entrepreneurs catalysing their initiatives.
  • Transitioned 85+ projects from ideas to implementation, benefitting over 10,000 disadvantaged individuals.


  • Initiated mentorship initiatives since mid-2020, nurturing young minds.
  • Trained 70+ diverse business coaches and enlisted 150+ SEnSE alumni as peer mentors.


  • Collaborated with 360+ schools, training 800+ teachers and partnering with 25+ tertiary institutions.
  • Reached 50,000+ students, enhancing their understanding of underprivileged groups.

Students’ testimonials reflect the impact, “Poor is just a word. We should take action for changes.” Dr. CA’s Program introduced 200+ careers, engaged 100+ companies and facilitated hands-on experience for 600+ interns.

Moreover, SEnSE integrates into university courses and secondary school curricula, enriching education. Dr. CA’s doctoral research based on SEnSE’s five years of experience shapes initiatives tailored for Hong Kong’s Generation Z, ensuring a brighter future.

Beyond Books

Dr. CA recognizes the challenges posed by technology and changing paradigms. The conventional models have given way to a new era of learning, embodied by the concept of “Connectivism.” Dr. CA believes, “What we’re talking about is a new learning ecology.” Amidst this shift, the question of how to adapt education to the demands of the future arises.

To address this quandary, the 21st Century Education Symposium became a melting pot of ideas. Here, educators and professionals collaborated, envisioning the “School of the Future.” Insights from the symposium highlighted the need for continuous teacher adaptation, introducing real-world content into classrooms and involving diverse perspectives from NGOs and businesses. Dr. CA emphasizes, “It’s crucial for teachers to stay abreast of changes in the world.”

In this pursuit, innovative practices take centre stage. Dr. CA champions the fusion of technology and human expertise. Collaborating with global trainers, he incorporates design thinking, bridging the gap between online simulations and real-world community engagement. “We encourage students to explore both digital and physical realms,” he says, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and community bonds. The future of education, he believes, lies in embracing this harmonious blend of technology and human ingenuity.

Against All Odds

Navigating the challenging world of educational entrepreneurship, Dr. CA shares insights into overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities:

  • Resource Management:During tough times, I learned the importance of contingency plans and securing sustainable resources to support our initiatives and team growth.”
  • Policy Adaptation:Anticipating policy changes, we diversified our collaborations early, ensuring resilience. When policies shifted, we integrated initiatives into school hours, enriching student experiences.”
  • Experiential Education:Our focus is on fostering social entrepreneurs. Through experiential practices, we nurture skills like creative thinking and empathy. Students become innovative global citizens, caring for others at various levels.”

Dr. CA’s journey exemplifies resilience and adaptability, shaping education to prepare students for a dynamic, interconnected world.

Classroom without Boundary

Dr. CA embraces continuous learning in the landscape of education through diverse strategies:

  • Professional Development:I attend conferences and workshops, learning from experts and staying updated.”
  • Cultivating a Learning Culture:Within my team, we have knowledge-sharing sessions and reading groups, fostering continuous improvement.”
  • Technology as a Tool:I follow education blogs, engage in online communities and leverage digital resources, like Open AI trails, for insights.”
  • The Power of Networking:Meaningful connections with professionals, participation in associations and organizing school tours broaden my knowledge and foster collaborations.”

By integrating these approaches, Dr. CA remains a dedicated lifelong learner, navigating the ever-changing landscape of education with enthusiasm and expertise.

Steadfast Spirits

As Dr. CA reflects upon his achievements in promoting social entrepreneurship education, he takes pride in the progress made thus far. However, he remains motivated to push boundaries further and continue making a positive impact on society and education. Driven by his commitment, he strives to create lasting change, empowering individuals and communities and shaping a future characterized by social equity, compassion and opportunity.

Dr. CA believes that what matters most is not the form, but the original intention. Therefore, in a rapidly changing world, it is crucial to preserve the heart of education and creatively respond to every challenge that arises. In conclusion, by staying true to our original intention and embracing creativity, we can navigate through the ever-changing landscape and effectively address the difficulties we encounter in the field of education.

Shaping Minds, Changing Lives

In my journey, education is a lifelong passion,” says Dr. CA. His decade-long commitment to the Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) reflects his role as a social entrepreneur driven by vision. His advice for aspiring educators:

  • Education as Mission: Education is a life mission passed to the next generation.
  • Continuous Curiosity: Approach the world with a sense of “knowing that we don’t know.” Stay curious, seek knowledge, and engage in active listening.
  • Individualized Approach: Every student is unique—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Active listening, understanding, problem-solving, and innovation are key to working effectively with young people.