E-paper Tablets Manufacturing Firm, reMarkable Launches a Sequel of its Product

E-paper Tablets Manufacturing Firm, reMarkable Launches a Sequel of its Product

reMarkable, an E-Ink writer tablet manufacturer has redesigned its e-paper tablet in order to make it more powerful and more papery.

reMarkable has been designed for the creation and utilization of mono chromatic content including e-books, sketches, notes and long documents that kept it apart as a minimalist alternative of iPad or Surface. Initially, the device was crowd-funded and to date, the company has sold more than 100,000 units; in the interim, the organization has grown and raised a $15 million funding round in Series A.

reMarkable has made most changes in the design of the device. The company has given a bold asymmetrical look to the device by equipping a chrome band along the left side of the device that provides a paper-notebook-look to the tablet. According to the company, users can hold the device in the left hand and write or sketch with their left hand. The newly designed device is thinner than the iPad Pro and Sony’s competing Digital Paper tablets with just 4.7 mm (0.19 in) thickness, whereas the later both are 5.9 mm thick.

While differentiating between the real pen & paper and the device, the reMarkable explains, “The hardware to further push the latency down further did not exist, so we decided to invent the technology ourselves. We redesigned both the hardware and software architecture that controls the display through a completely new display controller that changes how the display itself is electrically controlled, down to the voltages and electrical currents applied in complex waveforms to each individual pixel, millions at a time. The result is a 20ms latency, smoother ink flow with less jitter, and a completely uncontested digital writing experience perfected.

Magnus Wanberg, the Co-founder and CEO of reMarkable states, “We’ve worked closely with Wacom the last two years to create Marker Plus, the most beautiful pen we have ever made.” He includes, “In addition to premium materials and design, it features an end-cap eraser that works seamlessly with the reMarkable software. We’ve fined-tuned the eraser sensor in collaboration with Wacom’s engineering team to make sure it looks and feels like just a real eraser on paper.