Edith N. Nordmann: Helping Businesses Mitigate Risks and Navigate the Pitfalls

Edith N. Nordmann, Managing Partner, ACG International
Edith N. Nordmann | Managing Partner | ACG International

No great leaders were built without genuinely loving what they do. Edith N. Nordmann has set the same example. Getting at a case with a motivated team and a strong adversary puts a big smile on Edith’s face every morning.

Edith is the Managing Partner at ACG International. In her role she is responsible to select the best team for each assignment. This is quite different than in any other law firm as she really looks for the best team for each and every job searching at various firms to get just the right people. She wants the best result for her clients and not keeping her own lawyers busy if they are not the right fit for an individual project. For this, she uses the enormous network that she has built up personally in the last 20 years with trusted colleagues all over the world.

Exemplifying Proficiency

Along with being Managing Partner at ACG, Edith is also the Chairman of the Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT) and the Vice chairman of the Supervisory Board of the biggest Housing Corporation in the Netherlands.

In addition, Edith is also an experienced corporate and commercial litigator, with an expert qualification in employment law and is an international ADR certified mediator. She is specialized in cross border business transactions and combines all these skills and expertise for the benefit of her international clients assisting them in getting deals done and finding solutions that achieve the best results for their actual needs.

Being fluent in German (native speaker), English, Dutch, French and Italian, Edith understands difference in mentality, culture and legal systems, assisting her clients in a unique way.

Besides, Edith is also a public speaker on various international conferences and engages in many charitable and social organizations using her professional expertise, not only to help others but also empowering them in their endeavors.

Beyond a Conventional Team of Attorneys

ACG International goes beyond a conventional team of attorneys. While its law firm consists of highly experienced practitioners, ACG International also provides each of its clients with a unique access to a broader network of professionals. It works side-by-side with attorneys from across the world, specialized in different jurisdictions, legal systems and areas of law, which allows the company to assist its clients in the most profound way.

The challenge is to win the international clients’ trust as the system works differently in a different country.

Besides, ACG encourages its people to join and to contribute to society as well. Pay it forward is an important philosophy within ACG International.

Maintaining Personal Relationships

According to Edith, the focus of many other law firms during the COVID-19 was on saving their own business instead of saving their clients’ business. Edith and her ACG team focused on their clients’ needs right away. She believes that more than ever a trusted personal relationship is important. Especially in cross border businesses, law firms fully need to understand the cultural differences in order to being able to assist their clients in the best possible way. She asserts, “Everyone thinks that his home situation – business wise as well as legally – is normal. That’s why we as service providers need to understand what our clients think that “normal” is and explain them from there how the current situation deviates from their normal and what this means – especially during a time of crisis.”

“If you just carry on with your routine not taking this into consideration you will lose your client’s trust along the way,” she adds.

Ensuring Comfort to Clients

Sustaining operations so far has not been a problem for ACG. As the firm has been working with its clients for many years, it knows where its clients would probably need its support and the organization offered it directly by also explaining why they needed it.

Edith is of the opinion that explaining upfront how things are going to be, makes clients at ease and trust the company. This all leads to smooth continuation of the operations and comfort to ACG’s clients.

The firm is fortunate to have been given the chance on various occasions to mitigate risks for companies in International Trade and Innovation. It makes sure that choices are not primarily tax-driven but want to understand how they are business-driven. Together with its specialists worldwide, the firm then line up the top 3 scenarios – of course including tax – also taking into account the reputational risks of the scenarios.

This is how it has won tenders from much bigger competitors in the field.

ACG International is further planning to expand its network further with inspiring and dedicated people in order to strengthen the quality it can deliver to its clients.

It’s all About Focusing on Your Burning Desire

In her advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs in the Employment Law, Litigation, & Alternative Dispute Resolution Industry, she emphasizes on studying hard continuously and pursuing quality.

“Be very honest about what you are really good at and what your burning desire is. A burning desire means that you will go for it day after day, go to sleep with it and wake up with the spirit to work on it. Money is not a burning desire – money is a result of your success. Therefore, don’t choose something because you think you can earn the most. This will not work,” Edith advises.

With aforesaid she also asserts, “And don’t try to be like a man – be yourself!”