Editor In Chief

Hitesh Dhamani
Hitesh Dhamani | Editor-in-chief | CIO Look

Hitesh has been in the media industry long enough to have witnessed the paradigm shifts in the way people look at advertising and marketing.

A passionate storyteller, he effortlessly weaves a company’s brand voice with the right words so as to reach the right audience.

Prior to his role as Editor-in-chief at CIO Look, Hitesh worked as a Sr. Marketing Specialist at BTW Group of Companies, where he led the company’s marketing objectives and developed fresh, innovative, and company-wide initiatives to attain its marketing goals.

Hitesh is known for bringing new ideas to the table. Combining his marketing and content writing prowess he consistently aims to create content that stands out.

Hitesh adorns a bachelor’s in Business Administration with Honors in Marketing.

When not at work, he is reading, writing poetry – through which he depicts his perspectives in the form of verses, and networking with fellow writers.