Elena Kyria: Finding Exceptional Talent

Elena Kyria | Founder | Elemed
Elena Kyria | Founder | Elemed

Elena is an award winning specialist on talent attraction.

She helps companies hire exceptional talent from all over the world. She coaches and supports top talent in building up their professional brand, to maximize career possibilities. She is also specialised in sourcing, supporting and recruiting experienced professionals in Quality and Regulatory Affairs for startups, SME’s and global corporations in the Medtech industry.

Find out about her story below. 

After 5 years of working for a corporate recruitment company and achieving the title of top performer, Elena decided to go it alone and she started her own business at the age of 25. Elemed is specialized in recruiting exceptional talent in the medtech industry, and works across Europe with all types of companies, Startups, Consultancies, Notified Bodies and Industry.

One of the great things about being a specialist recruiter is that the you are able to see the whole picture across the industry. When recruiting for corporates, some of the most common complaints from candidates is the complexity of the organisational structure, the time it takes to get decisions through, and not being able to have a real impact. Whilst companies can’t simply go in and flatten the organisational structure, her advice to leaders is to engage in discussions with their employees, to give them a chance to feel that their voice is being heard. She is proud to play an instrumental role to bring companies some of the best talent in the market. The company recruits the people that solve regulatory and compliance problems so that patients from all over the world can have access to life saving and life enhancing medical devices. It is in a really pivotal moment in the medical device industry with the transition to the new regulation. “This puts a big strain on resources for a lot of companies, and our role in helping companies recruit technically competent, effective candidates in an extremely passive market is something we are great at.” One of the main things, she has learnt about leadership is that great leaders are developed and not born. Leadership is less about you and more about the people you are leading, their wants, their needs and their feelings. “It’s a really enjoyable yet challenging journey, but for me, one of the most rewarding things is seeing your team become more and more independent and excel.” She was once told, “a leadership success is getting your people to the point they no longer need you“.

As a business, it’s always important to be diversifying the offerings to make sure that the company is fitting well with what the clients need, but it’s also important to give back. Whilst recruitment is its core business, there is a huge demand for information on the new medical device regulation, especially in the medical device market where Elemed recruit. She recently had the idea to create a community among her Linkedin Network. The EU MDR/IVDR update forum was created as a place to share ideas, questions, updates and support. The idea has taken off really well- this online community currently stands at 3,500 people!

Elena thinks and believes flexibility is important, as is a certain fearlessness to not be afraid to make mistakes. Leadership today is very much about empathy. Finally, the concept of the servant leader is something she aspires to be. This is the idea that you work for your team, they don’t work for you. Your job as leader is all about facilitating their success.

Elena likes to read, a lot! We are living in such a fascinating time. The internet has completely changed how we live our lives and how we interact as humans. She is really interested in personal growth and development, topics like the millennial generation in the workplace, how machine learning will impact us, and how the future of healthcare will look. As a company, it is a very exciting moment for Elena and her team, with the launch of their new website happening very soon. They have had a serious facelift. Stay tuned!