Essays on Why I Want to Be a Nurse?


Nursing is one of the most noble jobs to exist. From my early days, I have been in close proximity to quite a few nurses. My own grandmother was a nurse in our local community hospital. Moreover, I have met quite a few war veterans in my life. I have heard fascinating stories about how nurses became guiding angels in the lives of all those injured soldiers. So, from my early childhood, I always nurtured this dream of becoming a nurse.

My desire to become a nurse was never a whimsical decision. It is a deeply personal decision rooted in my passion for helping others. The stories I heard inspired me a lot. So, I always wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of people around me. Various experiences and values have shaped my journey toward this noble profession. In this essay, I will share those aspects with you all –

Compassionate Nature

One of the biggest motivations why I wanted to become a nurse is because of my nature. I was always very compassionate. From a young age, I loved to help people who needed support. Whether to comfort a friend or assist a family member, I always wanted to be there for them. There are numerous times when I sat with a friend through their illness. So, I believe that I always had this natural inclination towards caring for others. This trait evolved into a strong desire to take up nursing as a profession. This is why I also got professional nursing essay help from Getting professional assistance helped me understand my compassionate side even more.

Desire to Work Closely with Patients

The healthcare industry is not for everyone. You need to be with people who are at their worst daily. I have seen patients surviving solely on artificial life support. However, I have always found this intricate blend of science and human connection fascinating. As I delved into understanding the complexities of medical care, I got more drawn to this profession. Nursing has a holistic nature that plays a pivotal role in patient care.

Depending on the situation, nurses can act as advocates, educators, and healers. Nurses are expected to work in the frontline, serving the patients. The prospect of easing their suffering and looking after their well-being resonates deeply with my aspirations.

Past Experiences 

I dreamt of becoming a nurse from an early age. So, I always prepared myself to be ready for this profession. I had a lot of exposure to healthcare right from my childhood. I used to do a lot of volunteer work during school. These experiences have given me a fair idea about this profession. My past experiences have reinforced my commitment to pursue a career in nursing.

I have witnessed the nurses serving the patients tirelessly with utmost dedication. Their ability to comfort those who are suffering even in challenging situations has impressed me a lot. I have seen from their experiences how they can make a positive impact on the lives of their patients. Watching their deeds up close has been both inspiring and humbling. These experiences have taught me how nurses influence the healthcare system, leading from the front. This experience also solidified my desire to be part of this dynamic profession.

Attaining Diverse Skills

Nursing, to me, represents a journey of honing various skills. For example, nursing is a combination of both skill and compassion. The dynamic nature of the field demands continuous learning and adaptation. There is not a single boring day, and that is a prospect that excites me.

I wanted to pursue the nursing profession because I felt it would empower me with the necessary clinical skills. At the same time, it can equip me with the knowledge to critically assess challenging situations. Nurses often have to make critical decisions within a fraction of a moment. This education will help me with similar skills. Nursing is a field that evolves every day. I can learn all through my life by being a healthcare professional. I believe in the importance of intellectual growth. Learning about the advancements in healthcare every day ensures I remain a lifelong learner.

Creating Meaningful Connections

Another exciting aspect of nursing is the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with diverse individuals. Every patient has a unique story. As a nurse, I certainly aspire to address their physical ailments. At the same time, I also want to understand and acknowledge their individuality.

The recent developments in the healthcare industry are focusing more on patient-centered treatment. However, as a nurse, I have always seen my seniors interact with their patients and tend to their needs. This has sowed the seed of patient-centered care in me for a long time. I always have heart-to-heart conversations with my patients. This helps me to learn their needs. I can tailor my services to meet their unique needs. So, nursing nowadays reflects the humane nature of the profession, which deeply resonates with me.

The Global Impact

Moreover, we cannot undermine the global impact of nursing. We have seen nurses contribute significantly to public health around the world. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen nurses work dedicatedly for the well-being of the community. So, the global impact of this profession cannot be overlooked.

As we see more global health challenges, the importance of robust healthcare is absolutely crucial. So, post 2020, it has become even more evident why I must become a nurse. I get greatly motivated by the prospect of being part of a profession that is invaluable for promoting health equity.

So, we don’t need to further introduce how nursing can shape the world. Nursing students do more than just ask others, “Can you write my essay online?” Nurses can address disparities and foster a healthier world for all. Nursing is multifaceted in nature. It encompasses science, compassion, and continuous learning. This aspect aligns seamlessly with my values and aspirations. As I start this journey, I strongly believe that nursing is more than just a career choice. It is a lifelong commitment to serve humanity with compassion and integrity.