Esteemed Technology Company Reveals its New OS

Esteemed Technology Company Reveals its New OS | Business Magazine | CIOLook
Esteemed Technology Company Reveals its New OS | Business Magazine | CIOLook | New Technology

In a recent announcement, Huawei has revealed its newly designed Harmony OS that is an alternative to android for smartphones and other smart home devices.

According to the company, Harmony operating system is designed on the basis of microkernel mechanism to power laptops, smartphones, and other smart home devices. Later this year, it will be available firstly in smartwatches, smart screens, infotainment systems of vehicles, and smart speakers. The organization is planning to add this OS system in smartphones and many other devices in the next three years.

Spokesperson of Huawei states, “A modularized Harmony operating system can be nested to adapt flexibly to any device to create a seamless cro-ss-device experience. Developed via the distributed capability kit, it builds the foundation of a shared developer eco-system.” The spokesperson added, “The company intends to continue to use Android moving forward, but if things go south, Harmony operating system is officially its back-up plan.”

In a company’s developer conference, Richard Yu, CEO of the company said, “Harmony operating system is more powerful and secure than Android. It delivers a smooth experience across all scenarios. It supports seamless collaboration across devices. You can develop your apps once, then flexibly deploy them across a range of different devices.” He added, “We will prioritize Android for smartphones, but if we can’t use Android, we will be able to install Harmony operating system quickly.”

Huawei said that it has taken care of trustworthiness and security aspects of Harmony operating system from the basic level. It has also claimed, “Functional verification and attack simulation methods are confined to limited scenarios, while Formal verification methods are an effective mathematical approach to validate system correctness from the source.” That’s why the operating system is designed so, that it uses formal verification methods to reshape security.

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