Eurofast: Your One-stop-shop for Everything Business

Christodoulos Damianou, CEO of Eurofast

Many businesses claim that their key challenge is to satisfy the consumers. However, the Eurofast team goes beyond responding with agility to understanding customers’ needs in order to maintain sustained loyalty. It acknowledges that loyalty is essentially the minimum requirement. Thus, it goes beyond gratifying customer by delighting them.

For Eurofast, delighting customers means generating consumer excitement by providing them with significantly greater value than anticipated, whether measured by price, efficiency, quality, or service. It assesses delight through repeated work, referrals, business talk, and prompt service.

The Inception Saga

Eurofast’s origin dates back to 1978 when late Costas Damianou formed a small accounting agency in Cyprus. The company’s name altered into Damianou & Partners and held a leading position in the market despite the difficulties encountered.

Innovative since day one, Eurofast was a company which acted differently than other Cypriot Professional firms. The company went out to SouthEast Europe and the Middle East and organically setup branches in the Region, offering localised services in tax, payroll and accounting, not counting on the Cyprus relevant services. Part of Eurofast’s strategy is to extend its expansion strategy in 2021.

A decade later, the company joined the Eurofast group, the corporate arm of BKR Damianou. Today, the organization is proudly present with fully fledged offices in 23 cities worldwide, counting over 200 employees.

At the Helm of Progress

“Our team of experts helped to drive Eurofast’s success. We hold all of our team members the expedition that they exhibit attitude, awareness, ambition, flexibility, transparency and accountability”, asserts CEO Christodoulos Damianou.

Mr. Damianou, with his strong passion and desire to help others reach higher, both personally and professionally, pushed the team outside their comfort zone and has brought about many impactful changes. When he took over the business, it dealt with streamlining professional services locally, although his goal was to lead Eurofast in becoming a renowned name in South-East Europe and the Middle East.

He defined the organization’s journey towards success and allowed the company to grow and develop as a leading regional brand. Today, Mr. Damianou continues to lead the business and direct Eurofast’s rising team with his immaculate vision and rich experience.

Customer-Centric Culture

Eurofast has a clear goal at the core of its endeavors – a desire to delight its customers. With this as the goal, the company takes a constructive approach to customer service to ensure value for money and ROI.

The company exhibits its 42 years of business expertise, collaborating with many leading global brands and organizations in the manufacturing, retail, airlines, and professional services sectors. Its customers are a proof that Eurofast is a trustworthy business consultant for all their needs.

With regard to technology adoption, Eurofast has ensured interconnectivity between the large range of offices thanks to state-of-the-art technology and computer systems. Essential security checks and data loss prevention steps have been implemented to ensure the optimum security of customer data.

Through a centralized technology of telephone and video conference services, internal servers and intranet networks ensure that remote locations, otherwise conform to even the slightest specifics in the customer support and philosophy. This makes the business a real local information expert.

Redefining Benchmarks

Eurofast’s goal has always been to build customer loyalty by consistently offering more value, be it price, efficiency, quality, or service level. The Eurofast Dream Team, consisting of local consultants with various backgrounds, including lawyers, accountants, and tax consultants, are all the ingredients in indispensable competitive advantage through their dedication, loyalty, commitment to excellence, expertise, and experience, and thus, are a profound reason for the company’s success.

At Eurofast, the emphasis is on exclusivity, creativity, versatility, and transparency as a part of the need for competitiveness and outstanding customer service. Those ideas are the cornerstone of the entire company and Eurofast, by upholding them, has seen rapid growth and a reputation for excellent customer service, continuously evolving to meet trends in the industry. Additionally, the company’s crossdisciplinary team of lawyers and IT consultants offer training, data mapping, and gap analysis services in a great role.

Exhibiting Quality

In over 23 cities in South-East Europe and the Middle East (SEEME), Eurofast is a regional business consulting company employing local advisors. The company is positioned as a one-stop-shop in the aforementioned regions for investors and companies seeking professional services. Eurofast is proud to be the only advisory business in Southeast Europe’s developing markets. Each of its offices is proud of the 15-60 local team of professionals with varied backgrounds and experiences, including tax, employment and payroll, accounting, legal, fiscal, and M&A services.

Since the beginning, Eurofast has strived to deliver high quality services reinforcing its position as a local expert in South-Eastern Europe. In a sector that is renowned for its fierce rivalry, this is no small achievement. Eurofast’s competitive edge is its capacity to represent customers effectively and efficiently and rely on its diverse employees. This selection ensures that customers find the best solution to their detailed, diligent, and realistic problem.

Always a step ahead

Today’s business ecosystem is both complex and fast-moving. In this sense, the consequences of financial crises can be felt worldwide. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has also added fuel to the flames.

These developments have had a major effect on multinational companies that have historically been the key client base of Eurofast, thus generating a vital need for professionals to stay up to date. In the midst of this turmoil, Eurofast remains true to its mission and continues to provide its global clientele with the best of their abilities.

The company’s perspectives of innovation have led its success to the top over four decades. In addition, it has allowed Eurofast to partner up with some of the world’s leading brands and organizations across various sectors.

Venturing New Horizons

Eurofast is looking forward to the following ten years when new technology, tools, and applications for the further integration of its services are available. “I agree that the market will require highervalue services and that we will have to work towards integrating our business processes,” says CEO Christodoulos Damianou.

Eurofast’s roadmap focuses primarily on increasing the company’s growth across all its 23 locations and also on expanding its service line. The organization also intends to improve its current staff and offices development.