Excellent Brain develops a new automatic difficulty level algorithm for its Neurofeedback brain training platform

Excellent Brain

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – November 22nd 2020 – Excellent Brain Ltd., the Israeli start-up developer of the most innovative direct-to-consumer Neurofeedback platform has announced today its new Neurofeedback auto-threshold breakthrough algorithm that automatically updates difficulty levels of the brain training for the trainee. The new algorithm is based on a scientific article published on IEEE in 2018 introducing automatic threshold mechanism for Neurofeedback protocols.

Excellent Brain is a developer of brain training products based on the Neurofeedback method; a well-known, scientifically based brain training methodology developed many years ago.

Excellent Brain brings home users the ability to train their brain using the Excellent Brain ADHD Neurofeedback Home Kit product, which is the most affordable and easy to use brain training product available on the market today.

Improved Effectiveness

“If until today you had to find and set your own difficulty level of your training, from now the new algorithm embedded into the platform will automatically adjust the difficulty level of the training to your brain. This is what we call – personalized brain training. This powerful feature improves the effectiveness of the training program!” – Said Ofer Lidsky, the Founder and CEO of Excellent Brain.

Neurofeedback at Home

Making Neurofeedback (NF) accessible to home users, opens a new world of possibilities for people to train their brain easily directly from their home. Neurofeedback is a very effective method for training the brain for better focus and better cognitive functions, that has been available for a while, but only now is gaining recognition and popularity due to more affordable costs and better applications.

About Excellent Brain

Excellent Brain Ltd. is a developer of top innovative Neurofeedback solutions. The Excellent Brain Neurofeedback platform is considered the top innovative platform, making Neurofeedback accessible in a new and easy way.


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