Flu, Hepatitis, Monkeypox are Coming Back in New and Peculiar Ways

Monkeypox infection

The Covid-19 pandemic has already threatened the world with it, many of the social restrictions implemented to curb its spread.

Along with it a series of viruses behaving in new and peculiar ways.

“We’ve never seen a flu season in the U.S. extend into June,” Dr. Scott Roberts, associate medical director at the Yale School of Medicine.

“Covid has clearly had a very big impact on that. Now that people have unmasked, places are opening up, we’re seeing viruses behave in very odd ways that they weren’t before,” he said.

A recent outbreak of monkeypox, a rare viral infection found in Central and West Africa, is baffling health experts with more than 1000 confirmed patients emerging in 29 non-endemic countries.

Missed childhood vaccinations

“During the Covid pandemic, access to primary care, including childhood vaccinations, was unavailable to many children,” Jennifer Horney, said professor of epidemiology at the University of Delaware.

“To prevent increases in these diseases, catch-up vaccination campaigns are needed globally,” she added.