Fostering the Deep-Tech and Innovation Ecosystems in Vietnam, Taiwan, and Africa

Deep-Tech and Innovation Ecosystems
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Welcome to the Ecosystem Enablement blog series, where we shed light on Qualcomm’s efforts to foster technology ecosystems globally. Our programs are making a significant impact in emerging markets like Vietnam, Taiwan, and Africa, driving innovation, intellectual property (IP) awareness, and more.

In 2023, Qualcomm’s ecosystem programs played a crucial role in catalyzing innovation and IP generation. While we previously highlighted programs like The Inventor’s Patent Academy and initiatives in India, our commitment extends to various regions. This update explores how we empower startups, support entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, and promote global IP awareness.

One notable initiative is the Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge (QVIC), launched in December 2019. In collaboration with Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, QVIC incubates startups involved in transformative technologies. By leveraging Qualcomm’s technology, IP, and business expertise, this program nurtures small-to-medium sized companies, contributing to the growth of Vietnam’s technology ecosystem.

The Qualcomm Vietnam Innovation Challenge (QVIC) provides a comprehensive support system, including technology training, lab assistance, business coaching, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) guidance, and business development support. Additionally, it offers seed funding, monetary awards, and financial incentives for patent filing.

Since its inception, QVIC has successfully incubated 29 startups spanning various sectors, including 5G connectivity, smart infrastructure, robotics, drones, IoT, AI/ML, agricultural technology, hospitality, healthcare, AR/VR, and multimedia technologies. These startups have collectively raised over $32 million USD in funding, introduced 25 commercial products, filed 87 domestic and international patents, and played a pivotal role in realizing the Vietnamese Government’s Digital Innovation policies. In 2024, QVIC aims to incubate 10 more promising startups from Vietnam.

Over the last two decades, Qualcomm’s presence in Vietnam has been transformative. Programs like QVIC drive the swift adoption of cutting-edge technologies, ranging from 5G and AI/ML at the edge to IoT and robotics. By empowering local entrepreneurs, these initiatives are shaping the future of innovation in this crucial region of South-East Asia.

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