From Pixels to Possibilities: The Marc Bringuier Saga in AR

Marc Bringuier
Marc Bringuier

Augmented Reality (AR) is a cutting-edge technology that superimposes digital information on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. It is a rapidly growing field with many potential applications. As technology continues to develop, we can expect to see more innovative and creative uses for AR.

Marc Bringuier is a seasoned expert in this field with an illustrious career spanning several years. Marc currently holds the esteemed position of Market Director of Augmented Reality for France and Western Europe at PTC and will soon join His journey is one defined by innovation and impact.

Marc is creating a world where reality blends seamlessly with the virtual, transforming industries as we know them. This is the sector Marc has embraced. He possesses a wealth of experience as an Augmented Reality expert, steering the course of this transformative technology for numerous years. His journey is marked by pivotal moments that have shaped the landscape of AR.

Marc stands not just as an individual but as an embodiment of progress. His journey, marked by accomplishments and a relentless drive for excellence, continues to shape the narrative of Augmented Reality in the B2B landscape. As he works towards expanding horizons and pushing boundaries, he remains an inspiration of innovation, navigating technology with determination.

Beside his business development role, Marc is highly involved in the XR ecosystem as speaker in tech conferences, but also he is leading the VRARA French chapter.

The VRARA is the largest XR international association. his role is to lead the french chapter. “The french ecosystem is so dynamic and creative but stick to the french market; those companies deserved to be known at the international.” That’s his role in the VRARA organization help promoting the french XR start up’s outside of France.

Let’s explore how Marc’s expertise aligns seamlessly with PTC’s mission, driving digital transformation through his visionary leadership!

Challenges and Victories

In 2014, amidst the buzz of emerging technologies, Marc’s curiosity led him to a new frontier: the world of Augmented Reality (AR). His journey began with the Tango project—a collaborative effort between Lenovo and Google. Back then, he held the role of a channel manager at Lenovo and this innovative technology caught his attention. Marc saw the potential of AR, but he knew it needed time to mature.

The pivotal year was 2015. As he attended a Microsoft conference featuring CEO Satya Nadella introducing Hololens, Marc’s excitement reached its peak. He couldn’t contain his enthusiasm as he returned to France, describing the experience as a game-changer for B2B business. This sparked his determination. He urged Bruno Grossi, a board member at Econocom, to invest in Hololens. He saw it as an opportunity to dive into the realm of mixed reality.

In August 2016, a phone call from Jeff Hansen, the Worldwide Head of Sales for Hololens, altered the course of Marc’s journey. The conversation kicked off with a simple statement: “I heard about you and your company.” This was the start of something big. Hansen was on the lookout for an EMEA Hololens reseller and he was already in France, ready to discuss possibilities. This was the spark that ignited everything.

Being a businessman rather than a technical expert, Marc navigated the challenges of a new landscape. He pushed Econocom to embrace this transformative technology and enter the untamed market of AR. Yet, this path was anything but smooth. The AR ecosystem was a maze of start-ups and in this Marc’s role was to foster trust. With the assistance of his friend Florent Pelissier from Microsoft, he built a network of 20 EMEA partners within three months. Together, they aimed to bring innovative software solutions to complement the Hololens device.

However, the journey was just beginning. Marc’s next step was pivotal. He transitioned to PTC, a natural transition to broaden his horizons. His goal was to bring the Vuforia solution to the forefront of the AR stage. Every day was a challenge as he strived to guide customers in embracing AR. In a market flooded with self-proclaimed experts, Marc aimed to cut through the noise and provide genuine expertise.

Today, Marc embarks on a new chapter, joining a fresh company with a mission close to his heart. The technology they offer holds immense value for every customer and Marc is determined to ensure that it receives the recognition it deserves. As he steps into this new role, he carries with him a wealth of experience, a trail of successes and a relentless passion for driving the AR market forward.

From Dawn to Dusk

In the new market, the greatest challenge lies in earning the badge of a trusted advisor. As a market begins to bloom, everyone wants their slice of the pie, yet only a handful truly earn the title of “trusted advisor.” Even in the present day, Marc finds himself across the table from customers who blur the lines between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). What’s even more disheartening is encountering those who’ve dipped their toes into AR, only to deem it a failure.

The real struggle emerges when Marc must paint a clearer picture. He needs to show them that success isn’t an illusion but rather a tangible reality waiting to be realized. It’s about matching the right solution with the right purpose and nurturing trust along the way. The secret lies in guiding these businesses to understand that with the right tools and guidance, they can achieve remarkable outcomes within their own company.

Threads of Unity

In the realm of Augmented Reality (AR) within a burgeoning market, Marc understands the key is to put the customer at the forefront—it’s the heart of the operation. With a clear vision, he knows that customer input not only pinpoints valuable features but also charts a path for sustainable growth. As Marc puts it, “Make reality not dreams.”

Customers play an indispensable role in this journey. They act as guides, pointing out the features that truly matter and hold tangible value. They steer the ship away from fanciful notions and towards concrete advancements. Marc’s philosophy centers on this real-world collaboration. He states, “The customer helps you to identify the right features that have real value but also helps you to grow in a sustainable way.”

In a world where videos and demos can easily blur the lines between fantasy and reality, Marc stands as a beacon of clarity. As a trusted advisor and expert in the field, his role is to demystify the possibilities. He’s the one who brings dreams down to earth and guides businesses towards feasible solutions. “So many times, customers are coming to me asking I would like to do this, and this, I saw a video—but that’s not the reality,” Marc says. He recognizes that the path to success is rooted in practicality, not wishful thinking.

Marc’s expertise goes beyond just saying “yes” or “no.” He delves into the nuances of technology, helping customers understand the complexities. Not all aspirations are attainable, but neither are they impossible. “My role as a trusted advisor and expert is to explain to them that some stuff is possible and some others are not. And even if techno is going quick some things can be achieved,” Marc emphasizes. He ensures that clients grasp the unique nature of each technological avenue and the opportunities it presents.

He offers a simple yet powerful reminder: “Video is not reality.” Amid the rapid pace of technological advancement, Marc’s steady hand guides businesses toward achievable goals. He appreciates the distinct qualities of each technology and translates them into practical advice for customers of all kinds.

Tech to Work

In the realm of technology, Marc understands a fundamental truth: “Technology is good if there is a benefit for the end customers.” His role isn’t just about pushing the latest gadgets—it’s about ensuring that these tools genuinely serve the needs of the people who use them. As a trusted advisor, he dons the hat of a customer advocate while also being their internal representative.

The allure of technology can sometimes lead to a pitfall: a focus on technology for technology’s sake. It’s a trap Marc navigates daily, realizing that true value emerges when technology aligns with real-world needs. “Techno for techno is not good,” he emphasizes. His mission is clear—to be the compass that points technology towards meaningful impact.

But Marc’s impact doesn’t stop at the customer interface. His insights trickle into the heart of his company. He’s not just a voice for customers—he’s the embodiment of their requirements within the organization. “My job is also to highlight to our product team which features are of real value for a customer,” Marc explains. His role in the dynamic interplay between customers and the product team is pivotal. It’s a dialogue that nurtures products with genuine purpose.

His journey is lined with discussions and debates, often with fellow tech enthusiasts like Florent Germain. These conversations delve deep, dissecting features and seeking answers to a crucial question: “Is a customer willing to pay for it, what is his real benefit?” These discussions distill innovation to its essence. It’s not just about what’s cool—it’s about what truly matters to the customers.

Gearing Up

From Marc’s perspective, two pivotal players are set to redefine the AR landscape. He explains, “Apple’s vision pro device and Lynx headset from my friend Stan Larroque will be the game changer.” He envisions Apple propelling AR & VR into the limelight, benefiting from their ecosystem for widespread adoption.

Meanwhile, Lynx’s cost-effective approach, as Marc notes, “will help the company to deploy massively thanks to its low entry price.” The real shift, Marc believes, comes via hardware. “Hardware drives the adoption,” he emphasizes. With Apple’s innovation and Lynx’s accessibility, Marc foresees a dynamic shift that will shape the future of AR and VR for the masses.

Eyes on the Prize

Marc finds himself embracing a fresh challenge as he embarks on a journey with a pioneering AR company, a Swiss-American collaboration. In his words, “I had been seduced by the techno, by the team, but more than all, they are offering what is missing on the market: one central app to access all use case software solution, it’s simplifying everything to facilitate the adoption for any employee and reduce the costs of investment.” Despite its remarkable offering, this company remains relatively unknown in the EMEA region.

Notably, Renault, an early adopter of AR, stands as their key customer. Marc’s role is crystal clear: he’s stepping in as a trusted advisor, dedicated to nurturing relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. This new chapter promises to be an exciting blend of innovation, collaboration and Marc’s expertise as he works to elevate the AR landscape for the better.

So recently, Marc joined Sphere Technology, a US headquartered XR company. Sphere develops an immersive collaboration platform software, for any headsets and cloud agnostic, enabling enterprises to increase their productivity. With one app the customer can jump between different solutions and answer to a multiple of use cases.

From immersive workshops to design reviews, immersive training and remote assistance, Sphere covers large panels of well-established XR use-cases within one unified platform. Deployments with companies such as Micron, Pfizer, RUAG or even the Heidelberg Clinic have proven the enterprise readiness level of the platform with clear ROIs demonstrated.

With strong partners such as AWS, Lenovo, Qualcomm or Magic Leap, Sphere is the most complete XR immersive collaboration platform on the market.

Bequeathing Wisdom

Marc shares two valuable pieces of advice, borne from his rich experience:

First one is for companies who want to act in a new growing market: be customer-focused,” Marc stresses. He highlights the crucial role customers play in shaping strategy and acting as a driving force in the market. Being attuned to customer needs can turn them into powerful advocates. He adds, “Don’t be too much technology-centric, there are most of the time huge differences between what the tech guy thinks and what the end customer needs.”

His second piece of advice echoes the first in importance. “You can have the best techno on the market, but if you have nobody to sell it you will crash,” Marc warns. In his view, the synergy between technology and sales is often underestimated. He dispels the notion that sales teams are undervalued, clarifying that technology alone cannot ensure success. “A good sales team will help you to be known, to take care of your customer and will collect all market needs to develop the product roadmap.

Marc’s advice is a reminder that technology’s success lies in understanding customers and building a strong sales foundation. In the dynamic landscape of a growing market, these principles stand as beacons for sustainable growth and meaningful impact.

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