Google I/O 2023 is scheduled for May 10th


While we wait for the following Android 14 developer preview later this month, we’re also getting our first hints on the next big event in the smartphone world.

Google released a puzzle teasing the eventual invite for Google I/O 2023 this afternoon. We now know when I/O will take place this year, thanks to the collaboration of thousands of players worldwide on May 10th, 2023. Google’s official website is where you can sign up.


This year’s puzzle consisted of six input-output games, each with a clue that had to be decoded. Some were simple enough; for example, one early puzzle instructs you to enable the first and third switches using clever wordplay. Others, however, are less enthusiastic. While some clues were ambiguous, one simply read, “Third times are a charm (1),” which perplexed me.

Meters for each task filled up as players collaborated to solve each puzzle. Each solved solution could also be dragged and dropped into groups, automatically updating the output to the right of the page. This year, Google allowed non-players to watch from home, allowing viewers worldwide to “observe” rather than participate.

Final Note

After an afternoon of clues and binary codes, Google finally revealed the answer. Google I/O is scheduled for May 10th, during which the company is expected to unveil the Pixel 7a, formally announce release information for the Pixel Tablet, and provide a detailed overview of Android 14.

If history is any guide, we might see hints about the Pixel 8 series and the long-rumored Pixel Fold. Surprisingly, this year’s invitation only includes a single date, rather than a couple of days, as in previous years. It could indicate a smaller overall conference, though most people worldwide will likely only watch the main keynote.